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Election Program







OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE, guided by the interests of the Ukrainian people and the state of Ukraine, realizing the threats and challenges the country faces, runs for elections to restore peace and stability.

This program is an honest social contract between the “OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE” party and the Ukrainian people.


For five years, the government has been systematically violating the rights and restricting the freedoms of millions of Ukrainian citizens. The policy of language bans and harassment, the government interference in the affairs of religious communities have been splitting the Ukrainian society, humiliating the honor and dignity of the people.

OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE will put an end to the policy of discrimination, xenophobia and radicalism.

Priority steps

the introduction of a moratorium on decisions splitting the country;

application of the Formula of national success, where the issues uniting people – raising living standards, income, joint governance, which will consolidate the society – are of the highest priority;

the policy of reconciliation and consent will unite Ukrainians from the West to the East and from the North to the South, and “sew” the country.


By means of dialogue and compromise, we will ensure the political settlement of the conflict and bring the people of Donbass back through their consciousness, providing security guarantees.

Priority steps

ensuring direct negotiations in the Kyiv - Donetsk - Lugansk - Moscow quadrangle;

end of the economic blockade of Donbass;

granting autonomous status to Donbass as an integral part of Ukraine by amending the Constitution and laws of Ukraine;

adoption of laws: on amnesty, elections and free economic zone in Donbass.

Implementation of the Crisis Resolution Plan-Concept in South-Eastern Ukraine is a way to establish peace and return Donbass to Ukraine and Ukraine to Donbass.


Let's ensure real democracy.  We will return to the citizens of Ukraine the right to speak, communicate, study in Russian and the languages ​​of national minorities.  Let us not allow state intervention in the affairs of the church.

Priority steps

adoption of the Law "On All-Ukrainian and Local Referendums on the People's Initiative";

repeal as unconstitutional and discriminatory laws on language, education, renaming of the church, decommunization, lustration and other acts violating the rights and freedoms of citizens;

removal of immunity from the President of Ukraine, people's deputies, judges, adoption of the law on temporary investigative commissions of the Verkhovna Rada.  Everyone must be equal before the law.

All-Ukrainian and local referendums will force officials and politicians to work in the interests of the people.  In referendums, the people will be able to express no confidence in the President, the Cabinet of Ministers and the Verkhovna Rada and thus dismiss them;  to make decisions on the resignation of heads of local authorities.


The key condition for positive change is the establishment of an experienced and responsible government!

Priority steps             

reformation of the political system, ensuring the transition to a parliamentary republic and expanding the powers of local self-governance.  Regional and district councils will have an opportunity to set up executive committees, and people will have the right to elect heads of regional authorities through direct elections;

ensuring independence of the judiciary;

transition from a corrupt mixed electoral system to a proportional system with open poll lists;

reform of the law enforcement system, creation of the municipal police with direct election of heads;

strengthening criminal liability for committing corruption crimes by officials.


The policy of economic pragmatism should become the basis of the activity of the Verkhovna Rada and the government established.

Priority steps

creation of a favorable investment climate and the introduction of a special regime of investment activity;

introduction of a tax on withdrawn capital and abolition of income tax;

reduction of tax rates, introduction of tax holidays for small and medium enterprises;

preservation of land owned by Ukrainian villages.  Opening of the agricultural land market – exclusively based on the results of a national referendum;

putting an end to deindustrialization, degradation and deintellectualization of the country.

The party’s goal in the field of economic policy is to revive Ukraine as a modern industrial state with a high level of scientific and technological development, competitive industry, high social standards and a high standard of living.


The main priority is the fight against poverty and social protection of the population.

Priority steps

reduction of gas tariffs for the population of Ukraine to UAH 3,800-4,000 per thousand  cube. m at the expense of, among others, direct deliveries of gas from the Russian Federation, use of Ukraine-produced gas for the needs of the population;

write-off of debts of the population for housing and communal services and establishment of fair subsidies;

increase of the subsistence level, the minimum wage, the minimum pension to UAH 7,000;

increase of payments at the birth of a child: for the first child – UAH 100,000, for the second one – UAH 200,000, for the third and the subsequent one – UAH 400,000;

introduction of a progressive system of personal income taxation;

establishment of non-taxable income of individuals at the level of the minimum wage.

We will overcome poverty, restore benefits and provide decent state aid to all socially vulnerable groups.


Better education

Priority steps

opportunity to study in the native language;

gradual transition to compulsory specialization in high school;

financing of vocational education institutions from the State budget;

stimulation of private educational institutions.

Affordable medicine

Priority steps

gradual transition to insurance medicine by reducing the tax burden on employers;

restoration of affordable medical care on a “village to capital” basis;

provision of emergency medical care;

decent salaries, decent working conditions are the key to the return of unique specialists to Ukraine.

Doctors should treat, not paramedics.  The state should not develop “telemedicine”, but the health care system.


We guarantee a return to the policy of multivectority.  The central foreign policy priority will be the protection of Ukraine’s interests, first of all, over the issues related to economy, development, investment attraction and growth of welfare of citizens.

Priority steps

ensuring the active neutrality of Ukraine in the military-political sphere and non-participation in any military-political alliances, as provided for in Section IX of the Declaration on the State Sovereignty of Ukraine;

amending the Constitution to ensure the active neutrality of Ukraine in the military-political sphere and non-participation in any military-political alliances, as provided for in the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Ukraine;

cessation of the policy of mutual sanctions and restoration of mutually beneficial trade and economic relations with Russia and the CIS countries;

revision of the bondage conditions of Ukraine’s participation in the WTO and FTA with the EU;

preservation of the country's transit potential, creation of the Tripartite Gas Transport Consortium.


Our team unites highly professional, experienced specialists in constitutional law and state building, anti-crisis managers and effective leaders.

We will put an end to warfare, protect the social rights of Ukrainian citizens, stop the tariff, write off debts to the population for housing and communal services, establish fair tariffs, provide social protection for citizens and ensure economic development and strengthening of the welfare state.

The Formula of national success will allow to unite the people and provide Ukraine with a worthy place in the international arena.