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Ze-government is drilling the country into debt


The government is unable to bail the economy out of the crisis and provide social guarantees to Ukrainian citizens. The only recipe for “survival” for these mediocre officials is to borrow to make it to the next tranche.

On April 26, the government placed Eurobonds amounting to USD 1.25 billion at almost 7% per annum. Last year, public debt rose from 50.3% to 60.8% of GDP. And this year will remain well above the safe level recommended for developing countries. To service the state debt, it is already necessary as much as is allocated for all healthcare from the state budget. But the authorities do not get embarrassed by the future risks, they keep living day-to-day.

The Cabinet of Ministers has neither clear action program, nor understanding of priorities. Loan funds are being spent without any control. The government has enormous problems in fulfilling its social obligations. There are no funds enough for timely payment of wages and of “sick leaves”. We must already borrow even in order not to disrupt pension payments. But corruption at large construction sites does not stop for a minute.  

OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE demands that the authorities stop thoughtlessly building up the state debt. We call for an urgent review of the State Budget, cut in spending on security forces and officials, stop of plundering public funds under the slogan of “big construction projects”.

The money should be used to overcome the economic crisis and support Ukrainian families. And it is time for the government of careless random people to give way to responsible managers. This government has no prospects, it is necessary to preserve the prospects for the country!

Опубликовано: 27 April 2021