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Ze-government is destroying the independence of courts, using law enforcement agencies to carry out repressions

Zelensky’s government continues to attack the justice system. After unprecedented pressure on the judges of the Constitutional Court and the attempts to prematurely terminate their powers, in light of the sabotage of the decisions of the Constitutional Court and incitement to the same of Ukrainian MPs, the authorities have launched a repressive machine against the entire judicial system of Ukraine.

President, as the guarantor of the Constitution of Ukraine, has to personify respect for the Basic Law, the rights and freedoms of citizens, decisions of the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court adopted in the name of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the head of state, having lobbied anti-constitutional laws, appropriated non-inherent functions and powers of the executive branch and is trying to implement, in fact, the external vector of governance imposed on society and the state to the detriment of territorial sovereignty and national security.

Substituting the executive power (Cabinet), the President issues circulars and initiates draft laws that unequivocally indicate the establishment of a dictatorial government system, in order to ensure the implementation and application of unconstitutional and anti-national laws that create real threats to the existence of statehood as a whole.

It was after the adoption by the Constitutional Court of a number of decisions on the unconstitutionality of the laws initiated by Zelensky that presidential decrees were adopted, in fact, on the termination of functioning of the CCU and depriving the people of Ukraine, as the founder of power, of the opportunity to defend their interests and restore justice. That is, by the decree of the President, the activity of judges of the Constitutional Court was terminated without any legal basis. At the same time, the President of Ukraine, in an unconstitutional way, including by repealing the presidential decree, terminated the powers of a judge of the Constitutional Court.

The Supreme Court, by its decision, canceled the presidential decree and declared it unconstitutional, thereby restoring the powers of a CCU judge.

For this decision, the State Bureau of Investigation opened criminal proceedings on the fact that on July 14, 2021, a panel of judges of the Administrative Court of Cassation within the Supreme Court adopted a decision in favor of the judge of the Constitutional Court Oleksandr Tupytskyi. Moreover, the representative of the law enforcement agencies does not even hide the fact that the said criminal proceedings are
“under increased departmental control by the management”. This means that pressure on judges continues, and its only goal is to adopt an unlawful decision that would suit the Office of the President of Ukraine.

The Constitution predetermines the obligatory execution of decisions of the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court not without Bankova’s interference, law enforcement agencies are initiating criminal proceedings against the judges of the Supreme Court who decided to annul the unconstitutional acts of the President. The bottom of the legal system has been broken, the legal chaos and nihilism of the head of state and his team, in fact, have qualifying signs of a criminal offense and should be properly assessed in Ukrainian society and from the point of view of international law.

The unconstitutional activities of the President’s team to adopt illegal decisions and legislative acts, including the so-called land law, led to a constitutional crisis with signs of a constitutional coup, the purpose of which is to usurp power and establish a one-man dictatorship. The courts have actually become hostages of President Zelensky and his entourage, who are trying to build a totalitarian regime in Ukraine and giving control over the justice system to their Western curators. The best example is the law on the reform of the High Council of Justice and the High Qualification Commission of Judges, which include “international experts” who receive the priority right to appoint “necessary” judges. This puts an end to the independence of the judicial system of Ukraine and places it under the control of those who already today are dictating their own rules of game to the Ukrainian government.

But it seems that Zelensky’s team and his Western masters are not satisfied with this tool. With the help of pocket law enforcement agencies, the creation of which was previously lobbied by the same international lobbyists, they are creating an instrument of terror against unwanted judges.

Terror against judges of the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court is intended to put an end to the independence of the judiciary, which goes against the Constitution of Ukraine. Using the parliamentary majority, the head of state deliberately eliminates himself from observance of the principle of constitutionality to ensure the fundamental principle of the separation of powers into legislative, executive and judicial (Article 6 of the Constitution of Ukraine). Article 126 of the Constitution of Ukraine directly states: “The independence and immunity of judges are guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine. Inducing judges in any way is prohibited”.

“Opposition Platform – For Life” declares that it is unacceptable for the authorities to prosecute judges for adopting fair and independent decisions. We declare that this practice is intended to intimidate the representatives of the judiciary and, first of all, to get the judges to issue politically motivated, groundless and unlawful sentences to political opponents of the authorities who are being persecuted for their beliefs. In fact, destroying the independent judicial branch of power, Zelensky is establishing a dictatorship in Ukraine and is following the path of usurpation of power and organizing a system of political terror.

“Opposition Platform – For Life” party

Опубликовано: 19 July 2021