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Ze-government has to comply with the Normandy Four agreements reached in Paris or resign

A year has passed since the summit of the heads of state and government of the  Normandy Four in Paris. This year has marked Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s complete rebirth from a ‘peace president’ to a war party fighter.  None of the agreements reached on December 9, 2019 has been fulfilled.  Work on the political part of the Minsk agreements is being sabotaged.  The mouthpieces of the government are bombarding Ukrainian citizens with talks about 25 years of ‘safe reintegration’, ‘plans B’ and ‘red lines’.

Ze-team did not seek and does not want to restore peace.  It makes no benefit both to the government and its foreign partners to reduce military spending and allocate budget to social protection, economic and regional development, health care and education.  They need a depleted, debt-ridden Ukraine with a auctioned land, resources and businesses.

Ze-government, which is ‘flirting’ with the party of war, can talk as much as it wants about civilized elections and illusory Euro-Atlantic scenario.  Nevertheless, so far, only one scenario is real for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people – that is poverty, lawlessness and loss of sovereignty.

It is enough to mess people around with the talks about the revision of the Minsk agreements and the ‘miracle’ of the Budapest Memorandum.  It is enough propaganda of xenophobia and discrimination and chatter about free economic zones under the control of military-civil administrations.

The OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE party calls for the adoption of all the laws provided by the Minsk agreements.  Laws on amnesty, local self-government, elections, amendments to the Constitution, which establish the special status of Donetsk and Luhansk, and not laws on camps for internees and discrimination against national communities.  Ze-government has to keep the promises made to the voters or follow its predecessors.

To return peace to Ukraine is true patriotism today!

Опубликовано: 9 December 2020