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Ze-team surrenders the sovereignty of Ukraine and the judiciary to the control of external creditors

The authorities purposefully surrender the sovereignty of the country. Under the dictation of the IMF, the government is destroying healthcare, education and driving Ukrainians into poverty. The Ze-team opens access for foreigners to the purchase of land and natural resources. Only with the knowledge of creditors are appointments made to anti-corruption bodies. Foreign overseers of state-owned companies receive millions in salaries for ruining Ukrainian enterprises. Now the “servants” are going to put the Ukrainian justice under external control.

When considering the draft law on the judicial system, the pro-government parliamentary majority voted for another anti-constitutional amendment. They provided foreign protégés with control over the formation of the High Qualification Commission of Judges. Now representatives of foreign creditors will have a key role in the formation of the judiciary in Ukraine. Foreign creditors need puppet judges who will only protect their interests.

OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE stands against the so-called judicial reform initiated by the authorities. This is an outright surrender of national interests. The mediocre Ze-team, which has got hooked on credit drug, turns Ukraine into a credit colony. Instead of the promised democracy, the Ukrainian people received an anti-popular dictatorship of creditors and their puppets.

Ukraine needs a government that will protect the interests of the people, ensure the development of the economy, relieve the country from credit dependence and restore national sovereignty. The sooner new elections take place, the more chances Ukraine has to maintain its independence.

Опубликовано: 29 June 2021