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Citizens will be able to defend their linguistic rights at elections only

Hopes for a fair decision of the Constitutional Court, which will protect the linguistic rights of millions of Russian-speaking Ukrainian citizens and representatives of other national communities did not come true. On July 14, the Constitutional Court backed down under pressure from the authorities and, without hesitation, approved the discriminatory law “On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the state language”.

The Ze-government has repeatedly betrayed and deceived its voters. Contrary to its promises, it did everything to aggravate the “legacy” of the Poroshenko regime, which destroyed the linguistic rights of national minorities. This required introducing even more restrictions and quotas, discrediting and subjugating the judiciary. The Ze-team stopped at nothing.

OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE considers the verdict of the Constitutional Court on language legislation to be a biased and opportunistic political decision. This decision is a symptom of the paralysis of the judicial system. Now Ukrainian citizens have no rights, and there is no way to protect them. But we will not end the struggle to restore cultural equality. We will seek the abolition of all discriminatory laws restricting the rights of Russian-speaking citizens and representatives of other ethnic communities to speak freely, listen and learn in the language of their families.

Now the fate of human rights in Ukraine will be decided only at elections. The only way to stop bullying is to unite and support OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE at the next elections. We are the only political force that guarantees the restoration of democracy and ensuring equality for all Ukrainian citizens.

Опубликовано: 14 July 2021