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Zelensky’s statements on the country’s unification is a cynical PR based on deceiving Russian-speaking Ukrainians


Speeches of Volodymyr Zelensky on overcoming the split in Ukrainian society and unification of the country is fundamentally at odds with his real deeds. In a recent interview with the Dom TV channel, he spoke in pure Russian about his love for the Crimea, its nature. He called the return of temporarily uncontrolled territories and people who live there a matter of time. However, he forgot to mention that in practice the current leadership of Ukraine is doing everything to make this time as long as possible.

Zelensky’s arguments about his love for Crimea and its nature against the background of blocking the supply of fresh water to the peninsula sound strange. In violation of all international conventions, despite the risks of an environmental catastrophe in “beloved Crimea”, Zelensky’s administration continues the water blockade policy, which has been introduced under Poroshenko. How the Crimeans, whom Zelensky allegedly wants to return, assess these decisions, he does not really care.

The president also does not care how the residents of Sevastopol, Donetsk and Luhansk will assess the linguistic and cultural policy of his administration. As a presidential candidate, Zelensky promised to revise the draconian language legislation on national communities. After becoming president, he opened the way for the entry into force of his most inhuman norms: fines for the “wrong” language in the workplace, restrictions on Russian and other languages ​​of ethnic communities on television and any public events.

The law “On Complete Secondary Education”, which was adopted under Zelensky, has limited the rights of Russian-speaking children to study in their native language. Turned them into “worst kind” of people. And the recently approved law “On Indigenous Peoples” has completely deleted Russians and representatives of other ethnic communities from the list of indigenous peoples of Ukraine. They were actually denied the opportunity to claim the protection of their linguistic, cultural, humanitarian rights.

Against the background of the decisions made, Zelensky’s next interview, as addressed to the residents of Crimea and uncontrolled territories, is a cynical PR and “unfair advertising” that no one believes anymore. It is possible to “stitch” Ukraine together again and restore the unity of the Ukrainian people only by protecting human rights and ensuring equal rights for all national communities. It is necessary to abolish all discriminatory laws and follow the path of political settlement, as prescribed in the Minsk agreements. OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE will achieve it!

Опубликовано: 3 August 2021