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Zelensky’s government has launched a “pipeline” of political terror against the families of opposition politicians


Zelensky’s government does not shy away from the most disgusting methods in the fight against its political opponents, including pressure on relatives, friends, current and even former associates of those who dared to issue harsh criticism of the current regime.

The announcement by the Security Service of Ukraine of suspicions of alleged forgery of documents to Olga Shariy’s mother Alla Bondarenko and journalist Antonina Beloglazova (today she is a journalist for Strana.Ua) is another act of political repression, which is cynically and completely unsubstantiated, on frankly far-fetched accusations, and is being implemented by Zelensky’s team.

The obvious political persecution of the Shariy Party is revenge against another political opponent of President Zelensky for his principled public position and active political and information activities, which runs counter to the ideology of state lies, being implanted by the team of Zelensky.

The persecution of relatives and friends, family members of those people who, in strict accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, exercise their right to political activity, defend their vision, has become a hallmark of the Zelensky regime and his entourage along with other methods of political violence and terror. One gets the impression that Zelensky and his entourage fell into some kind of physiological dependence on repression and terror, and demand their next, regular dose, without thinking about the consequences of their actions. However, the organizers and customers of these illegal and simply immoral actions of the authorities have forgotten the simple truth: “As you sow, you reap”, and the pipeline of terror will inevitably destroy them, of which history knows many examples.

The criminal actions of the current Ukrainian government, including the gross violation of the rights of Russian-speaking and speakers of other languages ​​of national minorities, incitement to hatred and interethnic enmity, support for radical national movements, the destruction of freedom of speech, the closure of the independent media, and outright political repression have filled the patience of the world community... Leading international organizations, human rights defenders and world politicians are increasingly voicing their condemnation of what is happening in Ukraine day by day, expressing concern about Zelensky’s policies aimed at usurping power and building a dictatorship in our country.

We are confident that political persecution of dissent testifies to another round of repressions. The latter, no doubt, will be given a tough legal assessment by international organizations. The world community will remain the force that is able to give an objective and principled assessment of the already quite obvious criminal activities of the ruling regime, since all legal institutions in Ukraine designed to protect the rights and interests of citizens are blocked and serve exclusively the interests of maintaining Zelensky in power, his corrupt schemes, the destruction of laws, of the Constitution and of the legal system as a whole.

We declare that those who order and organize political repression and illegal criminal prosecution of opposition politicians and their family members should be criminally liable for their criminal actions.


Опубликовано: 26 September 2021