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Zelenskyy’s government has embarked on the path of mass repressions against dissenters

Charge of political expert Yurii Dudkin with treason is another step in political repressions and building a police state in Ukraine, in which reprisals against dissenters are becoming the basic instrument for maintaining the regime.

Unable to conduct a meaningful dialogue with their opponents in the legal field, the authorities are trying to destroy independent TV channels, impose sanctions against opposition politicians and members of their families, and start persecution of those whose only ‘fault’ is having their own opinion, readiness to defend and stand for their position.

The Opposition Platform - For Life party offers the citizen of Ukraine Yurii Dudkin legal assistance in protecting his constitutional rights, honor, dignity and business reputation.  We are confident that professional lawyers will be able to record all the circumstances of the illegal reprisal, which has become the norm in modern Ukraine, to identify the direct perpetrators and obtain evidence exposing the initiators of this reprisal.

Today, the country is witnessing how they are trying not only to destroy Zelenskyy’s direct competitors, but also to launch a machine of repression and massive violation of the constitutional rights of Ukrainian citizens.  Our party will consistently and persistently, using legal mechanisms, fight against the lies and lawlessness that have become the basis of the activities of the current government.  And we will definitely win, because the illegal nature of the actions of Zelenskyy and his team is today obvious not only to Ukrainian society, but also to foreign politicians and the media.

Opposition Platform - For Life party

Опубликовано: 24 February 2021