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The government of Zelenskyy by illegal expropriations and politically motivated persecution is killing the investment climate in Ukraine

The Ukrainian government, which is criminally ignoring the Constitution of Ukraine and the legislation of our country, is now on the path of the usurpation of power.

Understanding that this period cannot last endlessly, the team of Zelenskyy is using illegal and extrajudicial methods, first of all, through the unlawful and anti-constitutional decisions of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, which are not supported by any evidence or facts. Today it became apparent that the key tasks of the authorities are to shut out the voices of the opposition, illegally take possession of private property and through nationalization transfer it “into the right hands”. The government does not hide and even highlights its broadest plans towards the sale of enterprises, including strategic ones. 

The information campaign of the government of Zelenskyy requires the destruction of non-controlled media and of freethinking. That is why three national television channels were closed, while the TV channel established by journalists was switched off upon the letter by the Security Service of Ukraine, arrests of dissenting representatives of the intelligentsia and persecution on political experts, massively, with the aim of intimidating, burning hysteria and hatred are continuing, criminal proceedings are being initiated on charges of state treason.

In this way the government seeks to intimidate the thinking part of the Ukrainian people, those who understand that the policy of political terror is forever removing Ukraine from among civilized countries, and the support of individual actions of Zelenskyy by embassies, the emissary of Western states brings no democratization: once these countries also supported Somoza and Pinochet and washed their hands during the genocide in Rwanda, where a million people were killed.

Fully understanding the unpredictability of the actions of the team of Zelenskyy, the lack of common sense and cynical contempt for the law, international investors even before the active phase of the “state robbery” started to withdraw funds from Ukraine.

Obviously, after the introduction of decisions of the NSDC of Ukraine, the pace of foreign investment outflow will increase in tens of times, confidence in contracts for the supply of any complex and technological production will be undermined, and Ukraine itself will be finally driven into a niche of the raw material appendage, the colony under external control.

Opposition Platform - For Life declares that the use of extrajudicial instruments of persecution of dissenters is illegal, unconstitutional and deprives Ukraine the status of the legal state, enshrined by the Constitution of our country, while the unpredictable criminal reprisal against TV channels, politicians and business is a policy aimed at keeping power of any price and creating corruption feeding.

Opposition Platform - For Life party

Опубликовано: 20 March 2021