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Zelenskyy’s government, using Poroshenko’s schemes, criminally sets record gas and heat prices for the population

During the 2020-2021 heating season, citizens of Ukraine will fully experience all the unprofessionalism and criminal actions of the current Ze-team – after seeing their utility bills.  To begin with, the Ukrainians were set a record gas price in the history of the country – UAH 8,800 per thousand cubic meters + delivery.  In January 2021, the price will rise to UAH 9875 per thousand cubic meters + delivery.  Thus, the average gas price in the country in January will amount to UAH 10779.  In addition, an increase in tariffs for water supply and electricity has already been announced.

According to the latest data from the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission, the tariff for heat production for the population in 2021 will increase in a number of regions to 49,7% compared to the current tariffs.

Taking into account the fact that in the structure of the final tariff for heating, heat production takes up to 90% (in addition to transportation and distribution), the expected growth from 2021, according to experts, may reach 30% in the vast majority of regions of Ukraine.

Moreover, the increase arises precisely when in the country, on the contrary, there are real economic prerequisites and tools for more than a twofold reduction in the cost of blue fuel, and hence a reduction in tariffs for both heating and hot water supply.

For example, if in November 2018 (when the current tariffs for heat and hot water were set) the average customs cost of natural gas imported into Ukraine was USD 339,2 per thousand cubic meters, then in November 2020 it was already USD 182,5 per thousand cubic meters.  However, instead of reducing the parity cost of natural gas for the population by 1.86 times, Naftogaz, on the contrary, raised prices from UAH 8548,9 to UAH 9723 per thousand cubic meters (on average in the country).

Importantly, in the summer gas was pumped into the UGS at a record low price – about USD 90 per thousand cubic meters, but its price for the population did not decrease.

The virtual reverse of gas from the German gas hub, as a result of the implementation of a criminal scheme, siphons additional funds from the pockets of Ukrainians.

But proceeding from a two-fold drop in the cost of imported gas, the price of gas for the population should have been set at up to UAH 4600 per thousand cubic meters.  The cost of domestic gas, which according to the Constitution of Ukraine belongs to the Ukrainian people, should be up to UAH 2,500 per thousand cubic meters.

As you can see, in Ukraine, the tariff setting policy for housing and communal services contradicts the laws of economics and common sense.

From the first days of the 9th convocation of the Verkhovna Rada, the Opposition Platform - For Life has registered a number of bills proposing to put an end to tariff genocide in the country forever.

First, this is the introduction of amendments to the Tax Code to abolish the rent for domestic gas produced for the needs of the population, and VAT on it.

Second, a new formula principle for calculating the cost of gas for the population and industry, based on the average cost of imported gas and domestic gas.

Third, debt cancellation for housing and communal services for the most vulnerable segments of the population and the possibility of obtaining subsidies.

Finally, the transition to direct gas supplies from the Russian Federation, which would ensure a 25% price reduction, on which the representatives of the Opposition Platform - For Life party reached an agreement with the leadership of the Russian Federation.

Following the policy of tariff genocide against the Ukrainian people, the government by their actions confirms that it does not intend to defend the interests of the country’s citizens.


Opposition Platform - For Life party  

Опубликовано: 28 December 2020