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The government selling the national wealth has to resign!

The mediocre and uneducated government has turned into the main threat to the future of the country and Ukrainian people. In exchange for another credit dose, it is ready to sacrifice national sovereignty, to auction off domestic strategic enterprises, to trade Ukrainian black soil.

The government is already collecting loans for the future sale of land. According to media reports, in the prospectus for the recently issued Eurobonds, the Ukrainian government informed creditors that from January 2024, the purchase of land by legal entities would be allowed and the size of the land allotment in possession would be increased to 10 thousand hectares. Now it is quite clear why the parliament adopted amendments to the land legislation (draft Law No. 2194), which created conditions for the sale of land to foreigners and the predatory destruction of Ukrainian black soil. power threatens to completely ruin Ukraine. If the authorities do not stop the land scam, in three years Ukrainian land will be owned by local landlords and foreign creditors. And the Ukrainian people will completely lose control over the main national treasure!

OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE demands that scam around the sale of Ukrainian land is stopped. We call on holding a nationwide referendum on the launch of the land market. Sale of land without the permission of citizens is anti-constitutional and criminal!

We will challenge the anti-people “land reform” in the Constitutional Court. And the government, which cannot ensure the development of the country, neglects the opinion of citizens and sells out national wealth, has to resign immediately!

Опубликовано: 6 May 2021