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The government, which is unable to return Donbas and ensure the country's integrity, has to resign


The Ze-government has undertaken a course towards exclusion of Donbas. Increasingly, its representatives allow themselves making anti-state commentaries, that contain signs of particularly serious crimes. Specifically, on need to separate the temporarily uncontrolled territories. They use humiliating and provocative comparisons against their local residents.

The other day Leonid Kravchuk, in an interview with one of the Ukrainian media, allowed the comparison of Donbas with “cancer” and fell into arguments about the need to cut it off. Prior to that, Deputy Prime Minister Oleksii Reznikov had referred to similar “ideas”, using the same comparisons.

It is symptomatic that the Head of the Ukrainian delegation to the Minsk Contact Group and his deputy, representative in the political subgroup of the TCG are doing this. That means the secession of Donbas is the only plan that the authorities have. Because of their inability to secure peace, negotiate a compromise and restore the country’s territorial integrity, they intend to dismember Ukraine. This mediocre Ze-government does not need either people or territory.

OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE demands that the authorities abandon the criminal policy of exclusion of Donbas. This strategy is unconstitutional, humiliating for the country and destructive for Ukraine’s sovereignty. The fact that the first President of independent Ukraine comes up with such ideas is a shame.

The path to peace and the reintegration of territories is well known. That is a dialogue, reaching a compromise and comprehensive implementation of the Minsk agreements. If one is unable to fulfill the own election promises, if one cannot unite the country, one should not destroy Ukraine, but just walk away.

Опубликовано: 7 June 2021