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The government defiantly in an impudent and cynical way continues unlawful repressions against Viktor Medvedchuk

Shell-shocked by numerous scandals, Zelensky’s government is trying at any cost to make people forget about the secret, and now obvious offshores of the President, and hide their own crimes, distracting the attention of citizens – actively fabricating criminal cases against the chairman of the political council of the OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE party Viktor Medvedchuk.  

The cynicism of the authorities has reached the point that Viktor Medvedchuk, who is under house arrest, whose financial accounts are blocked by an unlawful decision of the National Security and Defense Council, today was handed a petition for the arrest or bail of one billion (!) UAH.

Realizing the failure of the earlier charges and realizing the inevitability of the collapse of the criminal case falsified against the chairman of the political council of the OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE party, the authorities launched a new wave of terror and made another desperate attempt to attack Medvedchuk.

Customers and executors of these political repressions flaunt that they use completely illegal methods of reprisals against political opponents, and bring hastily falsified, far-fetched arguments to support their dubious position. While the norms of the law and the Constitution of Ukraine are being grossly violated in the country, fundamental rights and freedoms are being despoiled, the rotten government apparatus, manually supervised from the Bankova street, blindly carries out the unlawful orders of the criminal “green” team, which is inadvertently entrenched in high offices.

The activities of this government are based on lawlessness and violence against its own citizens. The core of this demonstratively arrogant and indicatively cynical behavior of the current authorities lies in the desire to demonstrate to all Ukrainians: to achieve their goals and reprisals against dissent, the government is ready for anything. 

Zelensky and his entourage have long betrayed the interests of the Ukrainian people. And for a long time, they have not even tried to at least formally create the appearance of compliance with the laws. The thirst for personal gain, the desire to usurp power, to have unlimited influence – this is what drives President Zelensky today. This explains his attempts to crush all government structures, courts and even the Ukrainian parliament.  

The only obstacle on this path for Zelensky was the opposition and personally Viktor Medvedchuk, against whom politically motivated persecution, unprecedented in all the years of Ukraine’s independence, was organized.

OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE is confident: the severity with which the authorities are fighting against the chairman of the political council of our party is the best proof of the validity of the ideas that we defend.   

We are also confident that none of the attempts of this government to obstruct the political activities of Viktor Medvedchuk will be successful. And for their criminal actions that violate the laws and the Constitution of Ukraine, President Zelensky and his closest entourage, while hiding behind high positions, will inevitably hold accountable.

We demand that the authorities immediately close all fabricated cases against Viktor Medvedchuk, stop interfering in the investigative process and putting pressure on the judicial system.


Опубликовано: 11 October 2021