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Vaccination of Ukrainians has not yet started, while the government is criminally refusing from the available Sputnik V vaccine

Protecting the life and health of citizens is an unconditional priority for any responsible government.  There should be no place for politics and ideology.  However, the Ze-team has put its political calculations ahead of human lives.

Today, the Verkhovna Rada adopted in the second reading a bill on fast-tracked registration of a vaccine against coronavirus.  The ‘servants’ did not consider it necessary to provide for a national procedure for registration and clinical trials of vaccines. The findings of other countries are enough for them.  Meanwhile, at the request of the Poroshenko faction, registration of vaccines produced in Russia is prohibited.  It does not matter what characteristics these vaccines will have or whether they will be better than other analogues.

Back in the summer of last year, Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that ties with Western partners would help start vaccinations as soon as possible.  That Ukraine will soon develop its own medicine.  Nevertheless, today vaccination in Ukraine, unlike most European countries, has not started.  In the procurement of vaccines, the undercover games continue with building up muddy schemes and searching for sketchy intermediaries. All the authorities do publicly – they prohibit at the legislative level the purchase of Russian medicines.

Cooperation with Russia in the fight against the epidemic would have made it possible to start vaccination as early as December last year.  It would have helped establish vaccine production in Ukraine and overcome the epidemic.  However, the corruption rent, the opinion of the ‘party of war’ and the directives of the overseas rulers are more important for the Ze-team than the interests of the people.  The responsibility for this failure lies entirely with the authorities.  Ukrainian citizens will definitely give a political assessment of this government at the elections.  It is in the interests of the whole country that these elections take place as early as possible.

Опубликовано: 29 January 2021