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Ukrainian citizens, opposition and international partners of Ukraine demand that Ze-government immediately holds elections in 18 united territorial communities of Donbas


Systematic breach of political rights of citizens by the Ze-government has become that arrogant that it has got attention from Ukraine’s international partners. After a meeting with representatives of the Central Election Commission (CEC), the ambassadors of the G7 countries called on the authorities to organize and hold elections as soon as possible in 18 united territorial communities (OTGs) of Donbas. The so-called “security considerations” that the Ze-team has used to hide themselves behind in order to cancel the elections of local self-government in absolutely peaceful Ukrainian communities, do not convince anyone.

In May this year, the Court of Appeal already declared as unlawful the CEC decision, according to which it is impossible to hold local elections in 18 OTGs of Donbas. There were no grounds for depriving half a million Ukrainian citizens of the right to vote. But everyone already knows perfectly well what is the current Ukrainian government’s attitude to the Constitution, the opinion of its own citizens and the decisions of courts. The hope remains that it will nevertheless heed the recommendations of the representatives of the G7 countries.

OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE demands that the authorities immediately start preparations for the elections to 18 OTGs in Donbas, where they were ripped off last year. Stop the practice of destroying local self-government and introducing civil-military administrations in peaceful cities. Cancel the decision to introduce a civil-military administration in Slavyansk.

We demand that the constitutional rights of Ukrainians to elections and local self-government be restored in full. The unlawfulness and humiliation of our own citizens is a shame for the authorities and the state.

Опубликовано: 18 June 2021