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Ukraine will not be a rich and independent state as long as it is being ruled by a puppet government



Despite the illness and business around filming video blogs, Volodymyr Zelenskyy finds time to report to external creditors.  As a helpful executor, Zelenskyy reported to the IMF Managing Director on pushing the anti-popular budget for 2021, well-organized pressure on the Constitutional Court and the implementation of all
“structural beacons” imposed by the IMF.  As planned, hospitals and schools are being closed, social guarantees are being destroyed, and Ukraine is preparing for a total sale.  Ukrainian courts are still hampering these plans.  However, in exchange for a new dose of loans, the President promised creditors to solve this problem as soon as possible.

After such “reports”, it becomes clear who do really control Ukraine.  “Servants of the People” can play “movies” to the people about success, reforms, and the fight against corruption as much as they want.  It is clear that the “green copier” works only for the implementation of plans of external players – the transfer of Ukrainian land, strategic enterprises, the financial and banking system under their control, along with the destruction of the remnants of the social state in Ukraine.

Today, the obsequious position of the Ukrainian elite is humiliating for Ukrainians and destructive for the Ukrainian state.  A helpless government is unable to protect the national interests.  It willingly agrees to any demands from outside, and this turns into billions of dollars in debt for the country, destruction of the economy, growing poverty, loss of any prospects.

In such a situation, the only anti-crisis “beacon” for Ukraine may be re-elections and a change of course.  The adventurers who have broken through to power cannot be allowed to ruin the Ukrainians and sell the country.  “Servants” who bow to stranger masters and carry everything out of the house have to be driven out.

Опубликовано: 18 November 2020