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Government’s cowardice leads to abuses of radicals and impunity of criminals

Today, convicts for kidnap and torture of man Serhiy Sternenko and Ruslan Demchuk were released under house arrest. Radicals had to merely arrange a coven in front of the Office of President building, and the scared government immediately forgot about justice and their responsibility to hold criminals accountable.

Every year, radicals commit hundreds of crimes: attack journalists, public activists, opposition representatives. They are with impunity trashing editorial offices of independent media and offices of opposition parties. They are participating in raider seizures and break-ins. They openly promote violence, xenophobia and intolerance. However, the current Ukrainian government looks at this through the fingers.

The government demonstrates its strength and determination only with respect to law-abiding and decent citizens, while it is afraid of radicals.  As a last resort, it complains of their abuses from the parliamentary stand. Therefore, criminals just get away with it.

Now radicals constitute one of the major threats to Ukrainian democracy, legal order and national security. That is the problem that should be in focus of the National Security and Defense Council. Ukrainian society demands that the government ceases to curry favour with the criminals and finally brings order to the country.

Опубликовано: 9 April 2021