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Zelenskyy’s National Security and Defense Council is a tool of political persecution and elimination of commercial competitors of the ruling party

On April 2, 2021, Zelenskyy-led National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine introduced new sanctions against Ukrainian citizens on controversial and unproved grounds.  This has already become criminal tradition – justice in Ukraine is being destroyed, and illegal reprisal is being carried out through the arbitrariness of the NSDC. 

Such actions of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine are systemic and are aimed at extrajudicial persecution of unwanted.  At first, unreasonably, TV channels were criminally blocked, then sanctions were imposed against representatives of the only opposition political force in the country, then against citizens and companies having licenses to develop subsoil.  All this is being done illegally.  That is the very extrajudicial reprisal.  Individuals and legal entities are arbitrarily, without trial are found guilty of something based on neither investigation nor court ruling.  With regard to them, sanctions have not been simply imposed – their constitutional rights have been limited.  An extrajudicial terror, which today is emulated by Zelenskyy and his team – illegal, anti-constitutional –continues.

Obviously, the sanctions are aimed at extrajudicial reprisal against dissenters, with everyone who disagrees with the policy of the authorities and has the courage to openly raise this, same as the destruction and raider seizure of businesses, the fulfillment of political orders and wishes of centers of influence surrounding President Zelenskyy and those who carry out the external rule of Ukraine and, with no accountability, use the Ukrainian authorities in their criminal interests.

In addition, functioning of the Constitutional Court has been blocked by criminal actions of Zelenskyy.  At first, there was an attempt to illegally dissolve the CCU, then – in violation of the Constitution – to terminate the powers of its individual judges.  As a result, today the court is inactive and will remain non-act in the coming months, and maybe years.

By means of extrajudicial reprisal against TV channels, closure of these TV channels, persecution of opposition politicians and their families, Zelenskyy and his associates have created conditions for the criminal systematic abuse of power on the path of its usurpation and the destruction of the constitutional system.

At the same time, they have forgotten that one of the fundamental constitutional principles of the legal state is being violated – the principle of presumption of innocence.  The constitutional right of citizens for protection is being violated, as they are deprived of the opportunity to defend and prove not only the groundless and controversial charges, but also punishments that are being applied to them. The government is putting criminal labels and, in fact, is ruling sentences, replacing justice in the country.

Such illegal activities that President Zelenskyy for some reason considers state policies and allegedly a struggle in the interests of national security, destroy the rule of law in Ukraine and the legal state – the one that the Ukrainian people had imprudently entrusted with him.

“Opposition Platform - For Life” resolutely condemns the attempts of the authorities to destroy the legal state, gross violation by the government of the Constitution and the Laws of Ukraine, the inability to protect the interests of the state by legal means.

It is surprising that international organizations, committed to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens, have not yet made any assessment of such a blatant arbitrariness of the authorities – violation of the Constitution and the Laws of Ukraine, destruction of the foundations of the legal state, extrajudicial political persecution and breach of human rights – all that has worried them so much just a few years ago.  But at that time the authorities, though called “criminal”, was not engaged in extrajudicial violence over the citizens of Ukraine.

The total disregard for such lawlessness on the part of the European Union and the United States, declaring high democratic values, including the right to fair trial, also deserves attention.  The slightest doubts in compliance with this right in other Eastern European countries are those not following Washington’s foreign policy interests, always face extensive ​​resentment and even sanctions, but the Ukrainian authorities are provided with an indulgence to commit any criminal action.  It is time to admit that European values ​​have the price – national sovereignty.  Those who surrender it to globalists are allowed to rob, oppress national minorities and the opposition, to close the unfavorable media.  The ones, who decisively defends it, face accusations and punishments.

“Opposition Platform - For Life” believes that the government should hold accountable for its unlawful and anti-constitutional actions – for the cynical breach of freedom of speech in the country, for the illegal extrajudicial persecution of the opposition, citizens of Ukraine and Ukrainian legal entities, for the repressive policies, which Zelenskyy and his team are trying to make a way of life in Ukraine.

“Opposition Platform - For Life” party

Опубликовано: 4 April 2021