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The NSDC published the “Gospel of the Dictatorship”, demonstrating the narrow-mindedness and unprofessionalism of the current government

Another attempt of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine to impose its own interpretation of historical events on the Ukrainian society, to force civil servants and the media to use only certain terminology , prohibiting the well-established, but not convenient for the Ukrainian authorities, statements and names may be ultimately costly for Ukraine. The very fact of the adoption of such a document as “Glossary of names, terms and phrases...”, authored by the NSDC apparatus is a direct act of introducing censorship in Ukraine, as well as the creation of another reason for reprisals against dissenters.

It has been already clear that this is becoming a tool for transforming Ukraine into a totalitarian state, and the very idea of ​​developing such “recommendations” by the NSDC is a consequence of the totalitarian way of thinking of their authors.

It seems that with the help of this “Gospel of the Dictatorship” Zelensky’s regime seeks to form an artificial reality in which it alone can exist. Indeed, in the true reality that Ukrainian citizens see and in which they live, this government has failed all the tasks assigned to it and did not fulfill any of its promises.

The NSDC, as a punitive, repressive tool in the hands of President Zelensky, turns into a so-called Ministry of Truth of the model of George Orwell’s “1984” dystopia. At the same time, in the realities of modern Ukraine today, “self-stop”, or self-censorship, is laid at the basis of relations between a state and a citizen, the authorities cultivate “doublethinking” and double standards, the “thought-crime” itself becomes punishable, and the release of the above-mentioned glossary echoes Orwell’s “newspeak”... Although, in fact, this document is only a phony letter, and its adoption owns to the simple attempt to cover up the uselessness and senselessness of the existence of the bureaucratic apparatus, supported by grants and state budget funds.

For example, the authors of the glossary revel in the struggle with the bridge across the Kerch Strait, but do not bother to explain to officials how to respond to the increasingly loud outrage of people over the actions of the authorities. They are trying to manipulate historical facts and once again prohibit the term “Great Patriotic War”, but they do not even try to comprehend the real challenges that Ukraine faces today in the form of tariff genocide, bureaucratic lawlessness, legal nihilism, gross breaches of the Constitution, violation of fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens.

Delusional and nonsense nature of the above document is well demonstrated by the following fact. The section “Terminology regarding foreign states” specifies the requirement to replace the use of the name “Republic of Abkhazia” in favor of simply “Abkhazia” – with this the NSDC emphasizes that it does not consider Abkhazia a state. But in the case of Belarus, the official name of which is the Republic of Belarus, the authors of the glossary do not use the word “Republic”, thereby, willingly or unwillingly, absolutely unambiguously emphasizing that they are denying our northern neighbor’s statehood.

Likewise, the attempt to declare the expression “special status of Donbas” a fake became a reference example of the stupidity and narrow-mindedness of the NSDC. Indeed, even in paragraph 2 of the communique of the Paris summit in the “Normandy format”, signed on December 9, 2019 by the Presidents of France, Ukraine, the Russian Federation and the Chancellor of Germany, the expression “special status” of certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions is used.

It seems that the NSDC staffs has a delay in administrative development. They require officials to promote theses that have lost their relevance 5-7 years ago. At the same time, the instructions do not give any answer to questions that really worry citizens, such as: lack of gas, failure of vaccinations, debatable questions about NATO and Ukraine’s European perspectives. Same as there are no recommendations for officials on how to speak about Nord Stream 2.

In fact, all this fuss of “scholars” from the NSDC is an imitation of active work on the eve of the adoption of the budget in the hope of biting off more from the state pie. However, the very fact of creating such instructions and intrusive “recommendations” is threatening and dangerous for a democratic society.

Anticipating such a totalitarian reprisal against our history, over the way of thinking, over historical facts, OPPOSITION PLATFORM party - FOR LIFE, back in 2020, created a public movement “Ukrainian Front for the Defense of Historical Memory”. And the current offensive of the authorities on the opposition, repressions, unlawful criminal prosecutions, fabrication of criminal cases are a response to this activity as well.

But the authorities’ desire to destroy their ideological opponents at any cost, to legalize censorship, to suppress dissent is explained by its intention to forcefully impose its way of thinking on Ukrainian citizens, and to assign itself a monopoly on defining truth by administrative means, which is undoubtedly an instrument for establishing a totalitarian, dictatorship state.


Опубликовано: 20 October 2021