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The security forces dragged through the mud the values ​​of freedom and democracy in front of of the U.S. Embassy

Today, on November 24, the OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE party, its youth wing and the Patriots – For Life organization held a protest in front of the Embassy of the United States.  More than 3000 participants of the peaceful action, along with MPs representing our party, who exercised their constitutionally guaranteed right to peaceful assembly, were cordoned off by the police and the National Guard.

More than 500 people, including all placard protesters who wanted to exercise their constitutional right to protest strongly against the United States’ external rule in Ukraine, were unreasonably barred from the auction location by the security forces controlled by Zelenskyy and his entourage.

In this way, the Ukrainian government opposed the Ukrainian people, in violation of their constitutional rights, on the side and in the interests of the American Embassy.  The values ​​of freedom and democracy that American emissaries love to talk about are trampled on today by obedient executors of Washington’s will. 

The OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE party strongly protests against illegal, unconstitutional actions of law enforcement agencies, which by force prevented the peaceful action of Ukrainian citizens.

We declare to the customers of this reprisal, who firmly entrenched at the U.S. Embassy: you cannot sit on bayonets, and we will achieve the cessation of the external governance over Ukraine, we will defend the sovereignty and independence of our country.


Опубликовано: 24 November 2020