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Zelensky’s regime will be held accountable for the illegal criminal prosecution of Viktor Medvedchuk


Chairman of the political council of the “Opposition Platform - For Life” party Viktor Medvedchuk said political repressions against him are being carried out on a political order and in the interests of Zelensky’s dictatorial regime, whereas the judicial system, subjected to total pressure from the authorities, has completely lost its independence. In protest against this arbitrariness, Viktor Medvedchuk stated he would not appeal the latest decision of the Pechersk District Court of Kyiv, but would challenge the illegal appointment of a measure of restraint in the form of house arrest in the European Court of Human Rights, where his complaints had already been accepted for consideration.

“Opposition Platform - For Life” declares its full support for the vision of the chairman of the political council of the party, Viktor Medvedchuk, including on the repressions being carried out by the administration of President Zelensky. The process of illegal criminal prosecution of Viktor Medvedchuk demonstrated that Zelensky’s government deceived its voters, destroys the foundations of the rule of law in Ukraine and follows the path of usurping power and building a dictatorship in our country, in which there is no place not only for dialogue with the opposition, but also for the interests of the Ukrainian people.

Zelensky’s government breaks down and destroys the independent judiciary in Ukraine, tries to eliminate opposition from the political life of the country, by means of repression, putting an end to any dissent. At the same time, his administration is being directed by radical nationalists along with the chaos and destruction of the system of government they carry.

The government’s cynicism has reached the extreme: it seeks to blame the real opposition for the own mistakes and miscalculations, weakness and stupidity. It has actually announced a witch hunt, without the right to defense and protection. Extrajudicial reprisals against unwanted people by imposing sanctions, fabrication of criminal cases, systematic searches, judicial arbitrariness, destruction of freedom of speech and the closure of independent media, harassment with the help of radical organizations controlled by the government have become common practice.

Ukrainian authorities today are not prosecuting Viktor Medvedchuk, but the many-million “non-Bandera” Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelensky betrayed and is prosecuting the very voter who elected him. Prosecuting meanly, without any guilt, without the law, without looking back at his election promises and without understanding what all this will lead to. And the verdict is being carried out by illegal methods and criminal actions, such as: persecution of Russian speakers, discrimination of the Russian language and languages ​​of national minorities, attacks on the only canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, monstrous utility rates, the destruction of the healthcare in the midst of a pandemic, the collapse of the social sphere, the threat of deprivation of pensions and subsidies and, most importantly, the absence of peace in Donbas.

“Opposition Platform - For Life” declares that the time has come for the Ukrainian people from being judged by the authorities to become an judge of the authorities and strictly ask President Zelensky what he has led the country over these two years to – what state, what indicators, what prospects. What exactly, apart from beautiful conversations, did the authorities do, and how much time, funds and opportunities have been lost.

The Zelensky regime not only did nothing of what it promised the Ukrainian people, but also continues to encroach on their constitutional rights and freedoms. “Opposition Platform - For Life” believes that the country needs to be saved from this government and its criminal policies. And the policy proposed by our political force should become an alternative to the criminal actions of the authorities, since our main goals are the establishment of Peace, Law and Justice in Ukraine, the transformation of Ukraine into a successful country.

“Opposition Platform - For Life” political party

Опубликовано: 10 September 2021