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Zelensky, who has trampled Ukrainian Constitution, set a new record of cynicism and lies at Stanford

Obviously, the entire policy of the Ukrainian government is aimed today at the destruction of democracy, the independence of the judiciary, the opposition in illegal, anti-constitutional ways, and this destruction is being carried out cynically and openly. The monstrous cynicism and deceit of President Zelensky, whose sole purpose is to build in Ukraine the very authoritarian regime, the possibility of which he so zealously denies, and to turn himself into a kind of a “dragon”, are outrageous.

Perhaps this definition flatters Zelensky, but he really won't be a “dragon”. Because he and his government are more likely a cancer that lives on the body of Ukraine and uses the dirtiest, most disgusting methods for the rapid spread and sucking the life out of our country. The government that exists due to the destruction of the Constitution and freedoms – everything which is the basis of the Ukrainian state. 

It is also not clear enough what kind of strong civil society in Ukraine Zelensky is talking about. Either about the journalists of TV channels, whom the government deprives of the right to engage in professional activities for their civil beliefs and throws them out into the street, forcing them to search for jobs. Or about politicians and experts who are being imprisoned in openly falsified criminal cases. Or about public figures, against whom national radicals acting at the behest of the authorities staged an open terror, subjecting them to persecution and beatings and not bearing any responsibility for this.

Amidst irrefutable facts of repressions unfolding in Ukraine, extrajudicial destruction of the opposition, freedom of speech and violation of the norms of the Constitution, the attempts of Ukrainian President to convince the world community of his own progressiveness and adherence to the principles of democracy are not just outrageous, but stupid. And the desire to veil the lawlessness that is taking place in the country with some literary allusions, to substitute them for real and well-known facts is a sign of extreme unprofessionalism and an open demonstration of disrespect for the audience of representatives of one of the world’s most famous universities.

To recall, on the eve of Volodymyr Zelensky’s visit to the United States, Freedom House President Michael Abramovitz sent a letter to US President Joe Biden expressing concern about the practice of extrajudicial reprisals against Ukrainian media. Earlier, concern about the situation with freedom of speech in Ukraine after the ban of broadcasting of a number of independent TV channels was expressed by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. The statement of the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission explicitly states that the cessation of broadcasting of 112 Ukraine, NewsOne and ZIK TV channels will affect freedom of expression in Ukraine and that the state, on the contrary, is obliged to protect and ensure the right to freedom of expression, including the right to seek, receive and transmit a variety of information and ideas.

“Opposition Platform - For Life” declares that Zelensky’s aforementioned speech, which was delivered at a respected educational institution, is such an obvious and outright lie that it will never serve as an excuse for his anti-constitutional policies. On the contrary, this statement will become for the world community a demonstration of extreme cynicism, unprofessionalism and narrow-mindedness of President Zelensky, who is trying to deceive unbiased, thinking youth, scientists and students.

Moreover, these attempts to replace academic discussion with blatant propaganda on the part of the Ukrainian authorities are of a systemic nature. In May of this year, the University of Dublin already accused the embassies of Ukraine and Georgia in Ireland of trying to influence the content of the course on geopolitics of the Caucasus and Ukraine. Then the university was shocked by the letter received from the diplomatic missions instructing to censor lecturers and speakers of the university, and the Ukrainian embassy in Ireland had to make excuses for its “diplomatic” gesture for a long time.

We are confident that this time Zelensky’s government, which got used to administrative methods of pressure, will receive a resounding slap in the face from the freedom-loving, independent, highly intellectual university community. After which, Danylov will only have to impose sanctions against foreign students and instructors. After all, this is the only thing that the current Ukrainian government is able to do.

“Opposition Platform - For Life” condemns the anti-constitutional and criminal methods of destroying freedom of speech, fighting against the opposition and persecuting dissidents, which is being openly and systematically practiced by Zelensky and his entourage, following the path of usurpation of power. We are confident that Zelensky’s dictatorial methods will receive the toughest and most objective assessment in the academic community, which knows well how such regimes end.

“Opposition Platform - For Life” party

Опубликовано: 3 September 2021