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Ze-government proves the innocence of Viktor Medvedchuk by primitive machinations and forgeries


The authorities continue to put pressure on the opposition and repressions against the Chairman of the Political and Strategic Councils of OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE Viktor Medvedchuk. Despite the obvious absurdity and fabrication of the charges, despite the fact that Viktor Medvedchuk has been under house arrest for more than 6 months, which is prohibited by current legislation, the Kyiv Court of Appeal still ruled to refuse to satisfy the petition to cancel the preventive measure.

Ze-government has been mired in its lawlessness and is already going to outright machinations in order to leave the Mr. Medvedchuk under house arrest. In an attempt to hinder his activities as a people’s representative, it resorts to shameful forgery, although there are no legal grounds for prosecuting Viktor Medvedchuk, and even more so for keeping him under 24-hour house arrest. 

OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE believes that the mean and criminal actions of the authorities only confirm the innocence of Viktor Medvedchuk. The unfounded accusations against the politician, fabrication of criminal cases and outright falsifications during the investigation directly indicate that the authorities see Viktor Medvedchuk as a direct threat to their regime due to his principled civil and political position.

We demand a complete and unconditional end to the repressions against the Chairman of the Political and Strategic Councils of our party. We also remind customers and performers of this criminal plan that they will have to answer for unlawful actions, falsifications and persecution.

Опубликовано: 17 December 2021