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Shameful resignation is the only assessment of so-called achievements of the Cabinet of Ministers of Shmygal

A year has passed since the appointment of Denys Shmygal to the post of prime minister and the formation of a new government.  During the year, this team of Shmygal has achieved a lot, surpassing the “achievements” of their predecessors.  The Ukrainian economy fell by more than 4%.  De-industrialization of the country deepened, the decline in industry exceeded 5%.  The crisis in agriculture gained momentum.  Capital investments in Ukraine in 2020 collapsed by 38.2%, while the national debt has grown by more than UAH 550 billion. Every second Ukrainian found himself below the poverty line. Tariffs and prices have increased, but the number of recipients of subsidies has decreased. Instead of restoring the constitutional rights of citizens, the policy of social, cultural and linguistic discrimination has hardened.

The Cabinet has shown absolute helplessness in the fight against the pandemic.  During the most difficult period of the epidemic, volunteers and entrepreneurs helped doctors.  The authorities were only able to place people at quarantine, along the way, “rolling into the asphalt” tens of UAH billions from the budget fund.

All this time, the Shmygal government has been functioning without a program. The strategy of this government was completely replaced by memorandums with the IMF, which inspire the Cabinet of Ministers to continue the would-be reforms.  Therefore, healthcare and education are underfunded, the “optimization” of schools and the closure of hospitals continue, doctors and teachers are being fired.  Shmygal’s team was supposed to protect the interests of the Ukrainian people, but chose to side with external creditors.

Since its appointment, the government has refused to facilitate the implementation of political agreements in the Normandy and Minsk formats.  Reintegration officials have relied on provocative statements and initiatives to disrupt negotiations.  As a result, billions of budget hryvnias continue to settle in the pockets of security officials and officials who do not seek peace.

OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE believes that the only worthy assessment of the activities of the “Shmygal’s team” is its unconditional resignation.  To overcome the devastation, fight poverty and stop the conflict in Donbas, complete change of course and complete reset of authorities is needed.  The resignation of the incompetent and irresponsible government of Shmygal is an important step on this path.

Опубликовано: 3 March 2021