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After talks with Macron and Merkel, Zelenskyy said he abandons Minsk agreements

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy just a few days following negotiations with the leaders of France and Germany Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel in an interview with The Financial Times said he would not implement the Minsk agreements in the way they exist now.

“There are two options: we can change the “Minsk format”, adjust it. Or we can use some other format”, Zelenskyy said, ignoring the fact that these agreements are recognized as having no alternative throughout the world, as the leaders of the countries of Europe, the United States and Russia have repeatedly stated. Moreover, the Kremlin spokesman has already reacted to this very statement of Zelenskyy, saying that it is impossible to modify the Minsk process without putting an end to it. And this once again indicates that the path chosen by Zelenskyy leads to nowhere.

And although the President of Ukraine stressed that the pace is of key importance, it is obvious that any other formats, including those in which the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom may participate, as Zelenskyy wants, do not have any prospects – talks about them only serve to procrastinate and fuel the conflict in the eastern Ukraine, in which Germany and France are not interested, but which USA and their satellites they can use to their advantage.

With this declaration of unwillingness to fulfill Ukraine’s obligations in the “Minsk format” and to conduct direct negotiations with the leaders of ORDLO, Zelenskyy testified his complete inability and political impotence to establish peace in the eastern Ukraine, end hostilities and save the lives of Ukrainians on both sides of the contact line.

Such a statement means Ukraine’s withdrawal from the Minsk agreements, which were approved by the decision of the UN Security Council, contradicts the arrangements reached in Paris on December 9, 2019, that is natural result of Zelenskyy’s anti-people policy and practice of cynical lies and systemic deception of the expectations of his voters. Zelenskyy’s decision means that there will be no peace in Donbas, and the only alternative to peace is the loss of Donbas for Ukraine.

Opposition Platform - For Life states: President Zelenskyy is interested in abandoning peaceful settlement and continuing armed conflict in Donbas, inciting militaristic hysteria and does not intend to return Donbas to Ukraine, and Ukraine to Donbas, which is a crime against the interests of the Ukrainian people and our state in violation of the principle of maintaining territorial integrity and unity, international obligations of our country.

The continuation of the armed conflict unties the hands of President Zelenskyy in establishing dictatorship and usurpation of power through persecution of the opposition, destruction of freedom of speech, reprisals against the judicial system, and allows him to justify the flagrant lack of professionalism and corruption of his team.

Opposition Platform - For Life party

Опубликовано: 26 April 2021