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The victory over the epidemic is hampered by the irresponsibility and lack of professionalism of Ukrainian government


For a year now, Ukraine has been living under quarantine restrictions.  The authorities promised the country to gain time to confront the new challenge.  Time has passed, and it is time to sum up the disappointing results.  The epidemic is not receding.  The number of cases and hospitalizations is growing.  We are attacked by new strains that carry even greater threats to life.  One after another, Ukrainian regions are labeled as ‘red’ quarantine zone.  There are not enough beds and medical personnel.  The actions of the government do not have the support and trust of the population.

At solemn forums organized in their honor, the authorities call themselves ‘champions’ in the fight against COVID-19.  They forgot about the real heroes – doctors.  And they, risking their lives in the struggle for the health of citizens, still receive some of the lowest salaries in the country.

The government not only overslept the beginning of the epidemic, but actually disrupted vaccination in Ukraine.  For a whole year we have heard assurances that our country will be one of the first to receive the vaccine.  But due to corruption, politicking and irresponsibility of officials, Ukraine has not received sufficient volumes of credible effective vaccines.

Due to the haphazard and illiterate decisions of the government, the quarantine did not hit the epidemic, but the national economy and the welfare of citizens.  The crisis caused by the anti-popular policy of the government almost became a socio-economic verdict for Ukraine.  De-industrialization, recession in agriculture, critical growth of public debt, ruin of entrepreneurs, poverty of citizens have become a heavy and unfair retribution for the irresponsibility and stupidity of the ruling elite.

The government used quarantine not to protect the population from illness, but to smuggle through its anti-national decisions and enrichment.  The ‘optimization’ liquidation of hospitals, the curtailment of social support programs for people, the sale of land, the forced cutting of territorial communities and districts, the sawing up of the antiquated budget fund dissolved in the corruption schemes of the ‘big construction fraud’, the arrangement of a comfortable life for officials – this is what the authorities have become famous for during this period.

For a year, Ukraine has been living in conditions of two epidemics – COVID-19 and rampant irresponsibility and amateurism.  With this government, we are doomed to fail in the fight against these challenges.  To cure the disease, you need to ‘cure’ the authorities – remove greedy laymen from their posts, put things in order in public finances, provide funding to healthcare, help people and develop the economy.  That is the plan the OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE party advocates today.

Опубликовано: 11 March 2021