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The transformation plan of Ukraine, presented by Zelensky in the United States, is a front for corruption and surrender of national interests


The Plan for the Transformation of Ukraine, presented with pomp by President V. Zelensky in the United States, listing about 80 projects worth USD 277 billion (!), the source of funding for which, according to information that has not yet been refuted by official Kyiv, was supposed to be the state budget of Ukraine, is a completely overwhelming, delusional and utopian initiative. The presentation of this baseless initiative, carried out in such an opaque manner, in one fell swoop, in the eyes of the international community and foreign investors struck Ukraine off the list of countries whose leadership, in principle, is capable of planning and has centralized and adequate power.

US investors simply ignored the obtrusive advertisement of the country’s sell-off, since in this plan, which is only a list of projects, there is no economic justification, calculations and expected effect, including for foreign investors and creditors. 

However, Ukrainians got interested in the project, which for some reason was presented in the USA, and not in our country.

As it turned out, this so-called plan as an integral document is available neither in the Ministry of Economy nor in the Ministry of Finance and, moreover, both agencies have nothing to do with its preparation. The Office of the President also does not have the plan, and Zelensky’s press secretary, in connection with the wave of indignation in Ukraine, promised to “draw up and show” this document. But if the Transformation Plan of Ukraine (PTU) (in abbreviated form – vocational school (PTRU), which already contains a transparent hint at the professional level of the specialists who prepared it) will only be drawn up, then what documents were suggested to Americans? Unprepared and non-existent? This is hard to believe, given the importance of the preparation of this visit for Zelensky.

“Opposition Platform - For Life” declares: there is no need to formalize and manipulate anything. We demand that the document, which has been handed over to the American side, is published in full.

Either Zelensky’s government expects, under the guise of this document, in the future to “push through” the most cynical and corrupt projects directed against national interests Ukraine?

There is no doubt that the Transformation Plan of Ukraine is not a complex document that takes into account the social, economic and international consequences of the implementation of individual projects. This is just an advertising leaflet, which even in its title, so as not to frighten investors, contains words not about the development of Ukraine, but about the old dream of the overseas curators of this power – the “transformation” of Ukraine, that is, its final plundering, renunciation of sovereignty, complete transformation into “anti-Russia”. And with this approach, it is not surprising that this “bible of external control” does not have Ukrainian authors. The “transformation” of Ukraine in the eyes of Zelensky and his entourage is no longer a concern of Ukrainian citizens, ministries and departments.

“Opposition Platform - For Life” party

Опубликовано: 16 September 2021