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Ukraine’s refusal from equipment of the Huawei Chinese company as decided by the United States illustrates the colonial status of our country

News arrive almost daily, indicating that the United States is strengthening the external control over Ukraine.

As US Deputy Secretary of State Keith Krach said after his meeting with Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, the United States banned Ukraine from cooperating with Huawei which is the world’s leading innovation and technology giant and ordered to dismantle the already installed telecommunications equipment of this company.

The fact itself is remarkable: the refusal to cooperate with Huawei was reported not by the Ukrainian government, but by an American diplomat, as if reporting to his leadership about the completion of the task in the controlled territory.  The first order of the United States rushed to comply with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, stating that it would dismantle all Huawei equipment located in departmental buildings.

The situation repeats itself.  Ukraine is prohibited from buying and producing Russian vaccine, promising priority supplies to the American one, and then it turns out that it was just a promise.  Ukraine is allegedly supplied free of charge with old border American boats, and later it turns out that this costed seven-figure US dollars to our country.  Chinese investors are investing billions of dollars in the development of the Zaporizhzhia Motor Sich plant, and then it turns out that they are forced to go to Ukrainian courts, since the Americans forbade Ukraine to cooperate with China in this area.

Over the past three years, Huawei, together with Ukrainian operators, has facilitated a rapid transition from 2G to 4G in Ukraine, which has accelerated this process by 3-5 years compared to other countries.  The question arises: why now exactly, when Huawei has become a member of the European Business Association, celebrated the 20th anniversary of cooperation with Ukraine, American curators are concerned about the security of its newest communications in our country?  Why, when more than 200 Ukrainian companies successfully cooperate with the Chinese information giant, did officials from the US State Department consider that Huawei equipment could harm the national interests of Ukraine?

It is clear that after another shout from the United States, Ukraine will suffer significant financial, reputation and other losses.  However, the Ukrainian government still refuses to cooperate with Huawei in the project of creating a ‘smart city’, opting for the Cisco American manufacturer.  These developments convincingly demonstrate the colonial status of modern Ukraine, which in recent years has turned from a sovereign state into a territory under the control of the United States and now depends on their decisions on all key issues.

The “Opposition Platform - For Life” political party is outraged by the ‘policy’ of the current government and advocates full cooperation with China, which is Ukraine’s leading trade and economic partner.  The party considers it unacceptable to involve our country in a trade war between the United States and China.  In conditions when the markets of the European Union and the United States remain virtually closed to Ukrainian exporters, the refusal to cooperate with Huawei will close access to our exporters and to the Chinese markets.  This will have disastrous consequences for the Ukrainian economy, which, under the influence of the West, has long abandoned the markets of the CIS countries and continues to lose its technological production, since there is nowhere to export their products.  The loss of Chinese investments and the rejection of high technologies, which are transferred by Huawei, will put an end to the restoration of the Ukrainian economy and its innovative development.

The current government of Ukraine does not even particularly seek to hide the fact that it is consistently implementing the plan of the ‘Washington Regional Committee’ to transform our country into a colonial, backward agrarian appendage of the West.  The key responsibility for such a ‘policy’ of destroying Ukrainian independence lies with President V. Zelenskyy and his team.  Amidst these actions aimed at the detriment of the national interests of Ukraine, they all must resign.

Opposition Platform - For Life

Опубликовано: 23 December 2020