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Refusal from direct gas supplies to Ukraine betrays the interests of Ukrainian citizens

Another refusal of official Kyiv to negotiate on direct supplies of Russian gas to Ukraine is a crime against the own citizens. The government has once again betrayed the interests of Ukrainians and gave a damn about the state’s energy security in favor of their unhealthy political ambitions.

Today Ukraine is probably the only country in Europe that openly talks about gas as a geopolitical weapon, voicing absolutely far-fetched accusations against Hungary, Germany, Russia and other countries. Demanding that other states fulfill their desires, Ukraine once again took a destructive position and confirmed its own incapacity to negotiate on the energy issue, which belongs to the most important ones for international partners.

To make things worse, the Ukrainian people have become the hostages of the current situation. In conditions when, at +20 degrees, the price of gas on European exchanges has already exceeded USD1200 per thousand cubic meters, Ukraine refuses to conclude contracts for direct supplies with Russia, as many European countries do, which calls into question the safety of the autumn-winter period.

If the government took advantage of the unique opportunity – the agreements that the representatives of the OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE party in Moscow managed to reach back in 2019, the country could have been pumping blue fuel into its storage facilities for two years at USD175 per thousand cubic meters.

OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE declares: the refusal of the authorities from direct gas supplies at a preferential price is a key element of the tariff genocide, because such a decision will hit the welfare of every Ukrainian family.

Today the heating season in Ukraine is under threat of disruption. Having failed to accumulate the required amount of energy resources and ensure their availability for the population, the government is trying to shift the responsibility for high utility rates to local authorities. At the same time, official Kyiv continues to be inactive, ignoring the serious risks that the country may face in a few months – with the onset of cold weather.


Опубликовано: 5 October 2021