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“Opposition Platform - For Life”: Ukrainian law enforcement system is being used with the aim of political repression

In the premises of the “Opposition Platform - For Life” party hosting offices of 7 MPs representing the political force, including the Chair of its Political Council MP Viktor Medvedchuk, MPs Taras Kozak, Vasyl Nimchenko, Yurii Zagodorniy, Viktor Chornyi, Oleksandr Koltunovych, Ilya Kiva, the Security Service of Ukraine and the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine are conducting searches.

This search is formally associated with the activities of the “Ukrayinskyi Vybir” public movement and the events of 2014, but in fact it is an attempt to intimidate opposition politicians representing the most influential and widely supported party in Ukraine.

The leadership of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine filed with a court the search warrant request, although the they are definitely aware that the office of “Ukrayinskyi Vybir” in this building is not available, but the offices of MPs and of the party are.

Zelenskyy and his team, who embarked the path of usurpation of power and political repression, seek to settle the score with political opponents.  For this, the government goes to extreme measures – from the introduction of anti-constitutional sanctions and unlawful shutdown of TV channels to the falsification of criminal cases and of evidence.

We consider the searches in the office of the “Opposition Platform - For Life” party as unlawful and illegal actions aimed at suppressing dissenting opinion.

Unfounded accusations of opposition, sanctions, searches are revenge for our principled position on defending the interests of the Ukrainian people.  The authorities that have lost the fight against the epidemic, prices and tariffs, could not bring peace to Donbas and bring up Ukrainian families out of poverty have nothing to do but put pressure and threaten their opponents.

“Opposition Platform - For Life” declares political repression against the only systemic parliamentary opposition, opposition MPs and public organizations.  Attempts to discredit the opposition movement and destabilize the work of the leading opposition party, artificial accusations are doomed to failure.

Despite the pressures and intimidation attempts, we will fight for the interests of Ukrainians.  We will protect our position in the courts, defend Ukrainian democracy and seek peace.

“Opposition Platform - For Life” party

Опубликовано: 25 March 2021