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OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE demands that Viktor Medvedchuk's house arrest is cancelled


Before the start of a new political season, the authorities are intensifying repressions against the opposition. They are trying with all their might to prevent OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE and its representatives to defend the interests of the Ukrainian people at the autumn session of parliament.

The General Prosecutor’s Office, upon instructions from the President’s Office, is trying to extend house arrest for the chairman of the political council of our party, Viktor Medvedchuk, on a far-fetched pretext. Thus, in unconstitutional and illegal ways, the authorities want to limit his powers as an MP, to put pressure on the activity of the parliamentary faction of our political force.

OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE demands that the preventive measure against Viktor Medvedchuk is revised and his house arrest is cancelled. We consider the accusations against him to be completely falsified and groundless, while the arguments of the defense in favor of Viktor Medvedchuk’s innocence – undeniable.

We urge the court to strictly follow the spirit and letter of Ukrainian laws, not to turn into a blind executor of the orders of the newly established dictators. The persecution and arrest of opposition politicians is the path to the destruction of Ukrainian democracy. The country’s slide towards an authoritarian dictatorship should be stopped.

Опубликовано: 2 September 2021