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OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE calls for the government to stop pressure on the Constitutional Court


Ze-government’s attempt to subjugate the Ukrainian judiciary failed.  Judges refused to comply with unconstitutional presidential directives and reconsider their decisions.  They did not resign.

Unsuccessful, the offended government began to personally persecute ‘too many’ principled judges.  The zeal of the Ze-team’s political repressions is now aimed at the head of the Constitutional Court, Oleksandr Tupytsky, who was summoned to questioning by the Prosecutor General’s Office.

We have more than once seen how shamefully the criminal cases opened by the Ze-government against the disobedient were scattered.  In their high offices, the initiators of this political persecution are well aware of the absurdity of their plan.  However, they have other goals – to undermine confidence in the judiciary, to intimidate judges, and then to violate the Constitution with impunity, fulfilling the orders of creditors.

OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE demands to stop the pressure on the Constitutional Court.  Blackmail, unsubstantiated accusations, persecution and humiliation of judges weaken the Ukrainian state and destroy democracy.

In order to restore order in the country, the authorities should clean up their ranks, which are mired in corruption and embezzlement.  They have to appease the incompetent ‘green copier’ in the parliament, which stamps decisions that do not comply with the Constitution and the interests of the Ukrainian people.

Опубликовано: 24 December 2020