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Opposition Platform - For Life demands immediate elections in 18 united territorial communities (OTGs) in Donbas


Today the court opened the way to the restoration of democracy and the rights of Ukrainian citizens. Last year, the Central Election Committee did not allow half a million Ukrainians in the controlled areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions to elect their representatives to local government bodies. Upon the lawsuit of our party member, the Court of Appeal ruled that this decision was unlawful. Such a verdict is subject to welcome only.

Opposition Platform - For Life has repeatedly stated that the cancellation of elections in 18 peaceful united territorial communities (OTGs) in Donbas is unfair and runs completely counter to the Constitution. The deprivation of citizens’ right to vote was unjustified and politically motivated. The ruling party was simply afraid of losing to the opposition in these elections.

Now we expect that the authorities will stop hiding behind various excuses. There is an urgent need to organize the electoral process and hold a vote in the nearest future. In a democratic state, restrictions on the electoral rights of citizens are unacceptable.

The holding of full-fledged local elections in Donbas will be a test for the Ukrainian government. This will show the true attitude of the Ze-team to democracy and the rights of citizens. If the authorities again look for reasons to postpone the elections, then the Constitution, democracy and people’s power are empty words for them.

Опубликовано: 11 May 2021