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Another initiative of the NSDC Secretary to switch to the Latin alphabet is the idea of ​​a “cosmic scale and cosmic stupidity”


The NSDC Secretary made another loud statement: you need to abandon the Cyrillic alphabet and switch to the Latin one.

“I believe this will be one of the fundamental issues, we need to get rid of the Cyrillic alphabet and switch to the Latin one. As for the language, you know my opinion. I stand for two languages ​​in our country. English is a must. Since if we are talking about the civilized world, then English is the language of civilized communication. And we must understand that everyone should know the English language,” Danylov said.

Another delusional statement by the NSDC Secretary perfectly demonstrates the unprofessionalism and complete inadequacy of a person who got the opportunity through arbitrariness, through extrajudicial , unconstitutional decisions to make policy in Ukraine.

Let’s leave out other decisions of the NSDC for now – some of them, definitely, will be assessed in European courts, since Ukrainian ones are subject to such pressure from the authorities that are not able to fairly and impartially administer justice, the judiciary is no longer independent. Let us analyze this very initiative of Mr. Danylov to abandon the Cyrillic alphabet and its consequences.

The transition to the Latin alphabet will actually destroy a huge layer of Ukrainian writing culture – first of all, Ukrainian literature, the legacy of its classics, such as Taras Shevchenko, Lesya Ukrainka, Ivan Franko, Mykhailo Kotsyubinskyi and many others.

We do not believe that this government is capable of translating the great works of the classics of Ukrainian literature into the Latin alphabet, and to do it competently, at a high level, in order to preserve the cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people. Nor it is capable of ensuring the printing and release of modern literature pieces in the Latin alphabet. And where can one get the considerable funds necessary for this? Today, the government directs budget money to build corruption schemes related to the construction of roads, to evacuate and provide services at the highest level (upon the insistence from overseas “strategic partners”) those residents of Afghanistan whom the United States had been using for its own purposes, and then, in fact, threw out for uselessness (according to preliminary estimates, it will take 100 thousand hryvnias per year for every Afghan refugee). The authorities also spend millions of hryvnias on the so-called support of cinema in Ukraine, which consists only in the popularization of neo-Nazis and radical nationalists.

This means that the consequence of the decision to switch to the Latin alphabet will be that the entire huge layer of Ukrainian culture will be thrown away and forgotten. It is quite obvious that such a decision pursues only one goal – at any cost to try to widen the gap, to increase the cultural distance between the Ukrainian and Russian peoples, between the Ukrainian and Russian cultures. But the consequence of this will not be the development of Ukrainian culture, but its destruction. The ban on the use of the Cyrillic alphabet in the Ukrainian language is, in fact, a ban on the use of the cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people, which has been shaped over the centuries by a powerful layer of Ukrainian writing culture.

This proves once again that the current government does not create anything, it only knows how to prohibit and destroy. After the intolerable media were closed, sanctions were imposed against opposition politicians, the free use of the Russian language was prohibited, the authorities did not think of anything better than to strike at the Ukrainian-speaking ones.

“Opposition Platform - For Life” has consistently advocated and continues to advocate the preservation of the rights of Russian-speaking Ukrainians, but has never been an opponent of the Ukrainian language. Amid the conditions in which the authorities are going to destroy the Ukrainian language, we are obliged to defend this property of the Ukrainian people.

Ukraine already has a negative experience, which turns into the “concern” of the authorities about the development of the Ukrainian language. The introduction of an exam on the knowledge of the Ukrainian language for civil servants did not greatly improve their command of the state language, but it was accompanied by many scandals. Now there is every reason to believe that officials will be forced to prove their professional suitability again – to take regular exams on the ability to write in Ukrainian in Latin. This will be another corruption feeder for those in power, and another example of their imitation of dynamic activity – instead of actually performing their functions, solving social and economic problems of the country, and raising the living standards of Ukrainians. Changing the alphabet is another hype of the authorities in the style of renaming streets, only even more senseless and costly. 

When we hear about another “idea” by Mr. Danylov, which has nothing to do with state security, the words of the classic come to mind, whose books, by the way, have already been banned in Ukraine. You can’t say better than Mikhail Bulgakov about people who allow themselves “to give advice on a cosmic scale and cosmic stupidity”. Moreover, the Ukrainian government is regularly generating such insane initiatives. Quite recently we witnessed how another “brilliant” idea was proposed – to rename the state of Ukraine.

“Opposition Platform - For Life” party

Опубликовано: 13 September 2021