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Another IMF loan tranche is a veiled handout from the West for Kyiv’s next round of anti-Russian hysteria

The allocation of the next loan tranche to Ukraine by the International Monetary Fund, presented by the authorities as a personal achievement and a great blessing for Ukrainian citizens, is in fact hiding huge risks, and the repayment of this loan will be entirely on the shoulders of ordinary Ukrainians.

To please international usurers, Ukraine has already agreed to open the land market, increase the cost of energy resources, including for the population, has raised the retirement age, launched a judicial “reform”, which in fact boiled down to the destruction of the independence of the judicial system, and also agreed to a number of other concessions in the interests of creditors and international corporations. And in return, official Kyiv was able to bargain only for an increase in the debt burden on the country’s budget and the final loss of Ukraine’s sovereignty. Kyiv’s unprecedented financial dependence on the West has increased its political dependence and has actually led to the loss of Ukraine’s subjectivity – decisions that are most important for the country’s fate have long been made not at Hrushevsky or Bankova, but in Washington, and are peremptorily voiced by the US Embassy in Ukraine.

Like the previous enormous loans, this money will simply be squandered by the incompetent Ukrainian government and will only drive the country deeper into debt bondage. After all, we are not talking about any efficiency of Kyiv’s use of the funds of “partners”, donors, creditors at all. Only in August, the IMF provided Ukraine with a huge amount – USD 2.7 billion, Prime Minister Denys Shmygal promised to use this money to increase social benefits and support the country’s economy. However, ordinary citizens have not felt the government’s concerns: pensions and benefits remain miserable, the economy stagnates, and galloping inflation eats up even the small increase in wages that private business, which is on the brink of survival, can provide its employees.

Now the head of the Ukrainian government has promised to spend the IMF tranche, among other, on combating the consequences of COVID-19. However, Ukrainians know that every day hundreds of people die from coronavirus in hospitals, and they are well aware that it is not worth relying too much on state support, and all the participation of the authorities will be limited to funding the President’s dubious project to “endow” the vaccinated with a thousand hryvnias. Moreover, this thousand will also be fished out of the pockets of the Ukrainians themselves, who will then repay these loans.

OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE is confident: with a competent state policy, Ukraine could easily do without loans from the IMF and other international financial institutions. Today, our country is losing huge resources due to monstrous corruption, endless streams of smuggling (the whole fight against it was reduced to the inclusion of certain people in the sanctions lists and did not affect its scale in any way), due to the prosperity of shadow markets and numerous financial schemes, on which the same International Monetary Fund turns a blind eye.

And all the more surprising is the lending to the Ukrainian authorities from the West declaring democratic values ​​today, when in our country there is an unprecedented attack on all the fundamental principles of democracy: the closure of independent media, the destruction of freedom of speech, the persecution of dissenters, the fabrication of politically motivated criminal cases against opponents of the current government, the destruction of legal institutions and the collapse of the justice system.

Moreover, it’s not about any democratic processes, about any fight against corruption declared by the Ukrainian authorities at international meetings and forums, about any real reforms in Ukraine. And all the talks of the country’s top leadership about economic success and the protection of foreign investors in fact turned into a rapid outflow of foreign capital from Ukraine and a whole series of scandals with investors who risked entering our country.

In this way, at the beginning of this year, due to the scandalous decision of the NSDC to return Motor Sich to state ownership, Kyiv quarreled with Chinese investors. In August, the President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid announced that she did not advise the citizens of her country to invest in Ukraine. The reason for this is the high risk of losing money invested in Ukraine (there are such examples with Estonian capital, she said) and the lack of fairness in the judicial system in our country. On the part of the IMF, allocating money to Ukraine, which is now run by ignoramuses and amateurs who are only concerned about their own enrichment, is a policy of double standards and an open demonstration of the obvious political purpose of this loan.

The OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE party stands resolutely against all crimes that the Ukrainian government commits against its own people. Including against the strengthening of debt bondage for Ukrainians. We condemn the policy of official Kyiv, which undermines the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine. And we regard the financial support of the current regime by the West exclusively as payment to Ukraine for another round of anti-Russian hysteria, fueled by the United States, running counter to the interests of ordinary Ukrainian citizens and only alienating our country from peace, prosperity and prosperity.


Опубликовано: 23 November 2021