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By unlawfully keeping Viktor Medvedchuk under arrest, Ze-regime demonstrates its cowardice and insolvency


The worse the situation in the country, the more impudent and cynical Ze-regime’s repressions against political opponents. Today, under pressure from the authorities, the Pechersk court issued a completely unlawful and criminal decision.

Despite the obvious absurdity and fabrication of the charges, it extended his house arrest to the Chairman of the Political Council of OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE Viktor Medvedchuk. The restriction on freedom has been extended to 10 months, despite the fact that, according to the law, the maximum term for house arrest cannot exceed 6 months.

Ze-government has failed in all areas of activity. It is unable to cope with economic challenges, the energy crisis, and it cannot improve people’s lives. The authorities do not have the political will to bring the promised peace to Ukraine. The trust to and support for Ze-team is falling rapidly. In the eyes of the Ukrainian people and the whole world, Ze-regime has become synonymous with weakness, mediocrity, irresponsibility and helplessness. By intensifying political repression, destroying free speech, and unlawfully keeping opposition politicians under arrest, the regime hopes to show its strength. But in fact, it once again shows its inconsistency.

OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE demands a complete and unconditional end to repressions against the Chairman of the Political Council of our party. We believe that falsifying charges against Viktor Medvedchuk and his criminal detention destroys the legal system, damages Ukrainian democracy and undermines the reputation of the Ukrainian state. Such actions are indeed high treason.

The authorities that have lost confidence will leave. And the organizers and perpetrators of falsifications, unlawful actions and harassment will have to answer.

Опубликовано: 10 January 2022