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Our mission is to protect Ukrainian citizens from the government’s arbitrariness

The human rights situation in Ukraine is deteriorating.  Social rights are being violated.  The right to a decent pension, free and high-quality medicine and education is being abolished.  The government is refusing to comply with the Constitutional Court’s decision and restore benefits to socially vulnerable groups.

Discriminatory laws in the cultural and linguistic domains continue to apply.  Against the Constitution, the rights of millions of Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine and representatives of other national communities are being restricted.  Citizens are being divided into ‘classes’ based on language amidst legalized inequality in education and cultural development.

The country is building a system of political censorship.  Freedom of speech is being restricted, the campaign of pressure on non-government media is continuing.  The government conspired with radicals is intimidating and repressing independent journalists and the opposition.

Under the guise of democracy talk, the Ze-team deprives Ukrainian citizens of the right to dispose of national property and natural resources. The decision to sell the land was adopted without any referendum. Without taking account of the opinion of citizens, administrative and territorial reform swept across the country.  The government simply drove people to communities and large areas.

This year, the list of violations of the rights of Ukrainian citizens has been supplemented by the unprecedented decision of the government to deny half a million voters their right to form local governments. The authorities feared defeat and decided to cancel the election in 18 united territorial communities in Donbas.  Military-civilian administrations have been introduced in completely peaceful cities and communities.

The government has not only launched an attack on human rights, but also intended to destroy the independence of the judiciary.  Having subdued the courts, they want to deprive citizens of the opportunity to protect their rights and interests.

The OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE party calls on all the citizens of Ukraine to unite in the struggle for their rights. The more brazenly the government behaves, the more resolute our resistance must be.  The Ze-team cannot be allowed to trample on the Constitution and destroy the democratic welfare state in Ukraine.

Our political force fights in the courts and parliament against discrimination and violation of the rights of Ukrainian citizens. We defend the independence of the Ukrainian judiciary. Together we will force the govenrment to respect the multinational Ukrainian people, to comply with the Constitution of Ukraine and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights!

For rights!  For the people!  For life!

Опубликовано: 10 December 2020