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The Ze-government is not interested in laws, in the Constitution and the opinion of the Ukrainian people. It is driven by a desire to seek favours from Western politicians and to please them. The final votes in the US presidential election have not been tallied yet, but the Ze-team is already in a hurry to show its loyalty to the current leader of the American elections.

The Ukrainian police have closed the case on the possible interference of former US Vice President Joe Biden in the activities of the Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin. The conjuncture has changed, and now the Ukrainian government is no longer ready to help Donald Trump.

The Ze-government is turning into an obsequious colonial temporary administration. The wishes of external creditors are executed in a servile manner, criminal cases are opened and closed at the request of foreign politicians. Upon demand from outside, tariffs are being increased, the domestic health system is being destroyed and schools are being closed. Soros-funded managers receive million-amount salaries in state-owned companies, whereas the Ukrainian people live in poverty. The government is discussing the dissolution of the Constitutional Court with foreign embassies and placing the judicial and anti-corruption system under external control. The Ze-administration deprives the Ukrainian people of the chance for peace, development and a normal life and essentially hands over the country to external governance.

At present, OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE remains the only political force defending the sovereignty and the rights and interests of Ukrainian citizens. We will ensure that the anti-people course dictated by external creditors is changed and that the Ukrainian Constitution and laws are properly enforced.

We will return peace and unity to the country!

Опубликовано: 11 November 2020