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Banning of 112 Ukraine, NewsOne and ZIK channels on YouTube is an act of reprisal against freedom of speech

On April 24, YouTube video hosting owned by Google corporation blocked the broadcasting of 112 Ukraine, NewsOne and ZIK channels on the territory of Ukraine. Citizens of other countries can still watch the videos posted on these channels, which is undisputable proof that the products of the channels comply with YouTube regulations.

This blocking is a crackdown on freedom of speech. And it is being carried out at the request of the Ukrainian authorities, addressed to its overseas masters and triggered by only one reason: Zelenskyy’s anti-people and criminal government has brought the country to catastrophic situation both in the fight against coronavirus and in ending the armed conflict in Donbas, in economy and social sphere, in foreign policy. Thus, it can no longer allow citizens of Ukraine free access to information, and therefore introduces strict censorship, established by usurpation of power and extrajudicial reprisals.

Obviously, if the channels were the same blocked on the territory of the United States, this would be interpreted as an assault on freedom of speech, which is expressly prohibited by the first amendment to the US Constitution. In the case of Ukraine, neither its government, nor the American corporation is at all worried about such an insignificant reason as violation of the Constitution of Ukraine.

Opposition Platform - For Life states: while persecuting the opposition and independent media in the country, the government acts outside the legal framework, resorting to “information intervention” – involving foreign subjects for political reprisals against dissenters on the territory of Ukraine. And this is the betrayal of one’s country, the betrayal of one’s people and the destruction of the sovereignty of Ukraine, which is the price the government pays for information killing.

Opposition Platform - For Life party

Опубликовано: 24 April 2021