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Banning of hundreds of websites is a new step by the authorities on the path of usurpation and attack on freedom of speech in Ukraine


Official Kyiv continues to attack freedom of speech. Ignoring the law, the Ukrainian government is polishing the scheme of blatant interference in the activities of the media and attacks on unwanted media. After the ban of broadcasting of three independent TV channels, after the blocking of telegram channels, 426 (!) websites have become victims of the massacre. They include the largest all-Ukrainian and regional information sites, the popular all over the world web site “Live Journal”, well-known foreign media resources.  Some representatives of the government are trying to present this as an annoying misunderstanding, but amidst the illegal closure of the 112 Ukraine, NewsOne and ZIK TV channels, the imposition of illegal sanctions against MPs of Ukraine Viktor Medvedchuk and Taras Kozak, as well as their family members, conversations about an accident look ridiculous and unconvincing.

The authorities followed the already tried and tested way of blocking telegram channels: the court ruled a decision “to seize intellectual property rights that arise from Internet users when using web resources”, which actually means the obligation for providers to close access to hundreds of sites.

Such a demonstrative and unprecedented attack on freedom of speech testifies to only one thing – the government has confirmed its intention to continue trampling on basic democratic values. The fight against dissenting media and freedom of speech on the part of the official Kyiv will continue. The authorities declare war on everyone who does not agree with the official course, with the policy of the ruling political force. Dissenters will be suppressed by all methods available to the authorities, without regard to the legality of such actions, and this is an outrageous decision, without a doubt, testing the technology, testing the reaction of society, intimidating independent media, which is now elevated to the rank of state policy in Ukraine. Tomorrow the same fate may befall any of the publications, TV channels or Internet resources.

The Opposition Platform - For Life party strongly condemns the functioning of the state punitive machine.  We call on civil society to come out as a united front in defense of freedom of speech, in defense of the right of Ukrainians to access objective, comprehensive information. We resolutely condemn the government’s pressure on the media and demand to immediately abandon the practice of shutting the mouth of all those who have the courage to speak out against the lawlessness in the country.

Opposition Platform - For Life party

Опубликовано: 25 February 2021