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The attack on Viktor Medvedchuk’s house is a reaction of the authorities and radicals to his consistent struggle for the rights of Ukrainians

The Ukrainian authorities and the radical nationalist forces under their control continue to put pressure on the chairman of the political council of the “Opposition Platform - For Life” party Viktor Medvedchuk and to persecute the opposition politician. Yesterday, on September 13, 2021, “professional protesters” came by the house of Viktor Medvedchuk, who is currently under house arrest due to dirty and false accusations.

Vandals who attacked Viktor Medvedchuk’s house threw the building with fires and smoke bombs, painted the fence with offensive inscriptions, blocked the road. The beginning of another round of pressure on the opposition politician, carried out “under the strict guidance” of the Security Service of Ukraine, is undoubtedly connected with the statement of Viktor Medvedchuk, in which he says that, despite illegal criminal prosecution and political repression by the authorities, he will continue to fight for Peace, Lawfulness and Justice, for the rights of the Ukrainian people.

“The Ukrainian authorities are not prosecuting me today, but the many-million “non-Bandera” Ukraine, and the ones turning our country into “anti-Russia” are doing this”. Real Ukraine, its people, interests, culture and economy are being destroyed. The raison d'être of one of the largest countries in Europe is reduced to pursuing an anti-Russian policy for the rest of its days, no matter how absurd and anti-people this policy may be. This is a criminal policy, and therefore one should not seek justice from criminals who benefit from war and the poverty of the people. I am confident that Ukraine more than ever needs people’s resistance against the current government, which is shaping a totalitarian, dictatorial state system,” Medvedchuk believes.

The politician appealed to the Ukrainians with the following: “If you see that the country dies – fight for its future, for the truth and justice. Our country needs Peace, Lawfulness and Justice, not war, non-operating laws and arbitrariness of the authorities. No overseas specialist will put an end to this, only we, the citizens of Ukraine, are able to put things in order in our country. This government has proven its worthlessness, incompetence and deceit. We must create conditions so that such people will never rule our country. We must all unite to save the country from this bankrupt criminal government! Together we will definitely win!”

Viktor Medvedchuk commented on the attack on his house, saying: “Neither the SSU, nor the radical nationalists, nor the government as a whole can intimidate us and stop our struggle for the end of their criminal policy, the observance of the Constitution and laws, the transformation of Ukraine into a successful state”.

 Press service of the “Opposition Platform - For Life” party

Опубликовано: 14 September 2021