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Protection of the Constitution and of the rights of citizens is the main task for OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE
28 June 2021
OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE congratulates all Ukrainian citizens on the Constitution Day. The Basic Law, which was adopted twenty-five years ago, has enshrined the social, political and cultural rights of Ukrainians and obliged the authorities to strictly observe them.
Statements of MP Poturayev reveal the true attitude of Ze-government towards opposition
17 June 2021
The unprecedented and outrageous incident that took place in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine today clearly demonstrates the methods that the current government has chosen to fight against its main political the enemy – “Opposition Platform - For Life”. MP for the “Servant of the People” faction, Chairman of the Committee on Humanitarian and Information Policy Mykyta Poturayev from the parliamentary rostrum called for terror and murder of members of the “Opposition Platform - For Life”.
Statement of the “Opposition Platform - For Life” political party in response to the accusations from Leonid Kravchuk
4 June 2021
Zelensky’s obedient puppets call for “harassing” Opposition Platform - For Life off Ukraine. A similar initiative was put forward by Leonid Kravchuk, who said: “...Representatives of Opposition Platform - For Life go to Moscow, meet with Putin, he gives them instructions, they come and build Russian Ukraine or Ukraine with Russian methods of governance. We need to burn it out of Ukraine, burn it out, and when we don’t have such problems, I think all issues will be resolved quickly and in an organized manner”.