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Another IMF loan tranche is a veiled handout from the West for Kyiv’s next round of anti-Russian hysteria
23 November 2021
The allocation of the next loan tranche to Ukraine by the International Monetary Fund, presented by the authorities as a personal achievement and a great blessing for Ukrainian citizens, is in fact hiding huge risks, and the repayment of this loan will be entirely on the shoulders of ordinary Ukrainians.
OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE demands that Ze-government stops popularizing Nazism and Hitlerism in Ukraine
12 November 2021
Today, next to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, many Kyiv residents with outrage discovered a “commemoration” poster dedicated to the Lviv act of proclamation of the Ukrainian state, adopted by the OUN in 1941. With this, nationalists, bragging about their shameful political heritage, openly admit to complicity and partnership with National Socialist Germany under Adolf Hitler’s rule.
Ukraine – EU: cooperation that has never become either mutually beneficial or equal
5 November 2021
The Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Economic Development has recognized: the economic part of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU is unprofitable for the Ukrainian side, and during the operation of the free trade zone with the EU, Ukraine was unable to compensate for the damage from the loss of the Russian market. At the same time, the parliament recognizes that Ukraine exports its raw materials to Europe, and mainly imports high-tech products.
Zelensky’s government turned vandalism and hatred into a national idea for Ukraine
26 October 2021
Dismantling a copy of the Order of the Patriotic War at the military memorial “Field of Mars” in Lviv is another blatant, demonstrative and deliberate attempt to destroy any mention of the Great Patriotic War.
The NSDC published the “Gospel of the Dictatorship”, demonstrating the narrow-mindedness and unprofessionalism of the current government
20 October 2021
Another attempt of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine to impose its own interpretation of historical events on the Ukrainian society, to force civil servants and the media to use only certain terminology , prohibiting the well-established, but not convenient for the Ukrainian authorities, statements and names may be ultimately costly for Ukraine. The very fact of the adoption of such a document as “Glossary of names, terms and phrases...”, authored by the NSDC apparatus is a direct act of introducing censorship in Ukraine, as well as the creation of another reason for reprisals against dissenters.
The government defiantly in an impudent and cynical way continues unlawful repressions against Viktor Medvedchuk
11 October 2021
Shell-shocked by numerous scandals, Zelensky’s government is trying at any cost to make people forget about the secret, and now obvious offshores of the President, and hide their own crimes, distracting the attention of citizens – actively fabricating criminal cases against the chairman of the political council of the OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE party Viktor Medvedchuk.
Authorities are hiding their offshore scandals and mediocrity behind another repressions against Viktor Medvedchuk
8 October 2021
The unlawful and unsuccessful attempt to hand over a new suspicion to the chairman of the political council of the OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE party MP Viktor Medvedchuk demonstrated that the government continues its illegal policy of falsifying criminal cases, reprisals against political opponents, establishing an absolute dictatorship of Zelensky and his closest entourage.
Refusal from direct gas supplies to Ukraine betrays the interests of Ukrainian citizens
5 October 2021
Another refusal of official Kyiv to negotiate on direct supplies of Russian gas to Ukraine is a crime against the own citizens. The government has once again betrayed the interests of Ukrainians and gave a damn about the state’s energy security in favor of their unhealthy political ambitions.
Zelensky’s government has launched a “pipeline” of political terror against the families of opposition politicians
26 September 2021
Zelensky’s government does not shy away from the most disgusting methods in the fight against its political opponents, including pressure on relatives, friends, current and even former associates of those who dared to issue harsh criticism of the current regime.
The transformation plan of Ukraine, presented by Zelensky in the United States, is a front for corruption and surrender of national interests
16 September 2021
The Plan for the Transformation of Ukraine, presented with pomp by President V. Zelensky in the United States, listing about 80 projects worth USD 277 billion (!), the source of funding for which, according to information that has not yet been refuted by official Kyiv, was supposed to be the state budget of Ukraine, is a completely overwhelming, delusional and utopian initiative. The presentation of this baseless initiative, carried out in such an opaque manner, in one fell swoop, in the eyes of the international community and foreign investors struck Ukraine off the list of countries whose leadership, in principle, is capable of planning and has centralized and adequate power.