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Viktor Medvedchuk: Reducing gas prices for the population as of February 1 is a cynical and deceitful manipulation by the government

Trying to somehow mitigate the growing popular discontent, Zelenskyy’s government still defends the interests of the oligarchs, fulfills the IMF’s wishes, acts to please the demands of Ukraine’s external rule, and implements the same criminal course to increase tariffs.

The government proposes to introduce state regulation of gas prices for all household consumers in Ukraine starting from February 1, 2021 for the quarantine period or until the end of the heating season.  The offered price is UAH 6.999 per cubic meter (without distribution).  However, taking into account the tariffs for gas distribution established earlier by National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission (NEURC), the final gas price for the population will be on average UAH 8813.57 per thousand cubic meters in the country.  This means that there can be no talk of any declared 30% reduction. From which it follows that the government does not intend to reduce tariffs to economically justified ones.

While declaring temporary concessions for the period until the end of the quarantine / heating season on the sale of Ukrainian gas produced in our country, by deducting transportation costs from the German gas hub to Ukraine (which sounds ridiculous), the ‘servants’ of oligarchs do not intend to revise the tariffs for cold and hot water supply, heating, which have already increased since January of this year, and also return the preferential tariff for electricity supplies, which was in effect before the increase.

Non-lifting tariffs ‘in Ukrainian manner’ is when the level of payment for utility bills during only November 2020 (the start of the heating season) collapsed, and the debt increased by UAH 10 billion (up to UAH 66.1 billion).  In these conditions, the Cabinet of Ministers reports that it has provided subsidies to 3.1 million households, with an average subsidy amounting to UAH 1,600.  Let me remind the Prime Minister that in previous years the number of subsidized families was 6.6 million, and the amount allocated for subsidies was UAH 71.0 billion (today it is only UAH 36.6 billion).  That is amidst the decrease in the level of payments for gas and heating to 39.3% and 27.3%, respectively, that the authorities are finally tightening the tariff noose.  So people don’t count for them.  Zelenskyy and his team are guided exclusively by the interests of the oligarchs and their foreign masters.

Let me remind the Poroshenko-Zelenskyy reformers, who have been trying over the past seven years to ensure ‘market prices’ for energy in the context of the wild monopolization of the energy market, that they need to start with a significant increase in income, setting them at European level.  Implementing in Ukraine criminal formulas for robbing the population by using schemes for buying natural gas through Dusseldorf +, as well as coal through Rotterdam +, the government forgets that the level of the minimum wage in these countries is more than ten times higher than the domestic one same as the level of income of citizens in general.  That is why the government that is cynically deceiving its citizens should be dismissed.

Viktor Medvedchuk,

Chairman of the Political Council of the Opposition Platform - For Life party

Опубликовано: 14 January 2021