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Total failure of ‘American-style democracy’ legend that the United States is cynically trying to impose on the world

The next wave of devastating disorders in the US Congress building, which led to the deaths of American citizens, was a natural result of the policy pursued by the US authorities in different parts of the world: the desire to impose their will, disrespect for the other side, violence as a decisive argument,  the humiliation of the power of other states, the justification of radicalism. That is all that the United States resorted to, referring to its fantasy and self-publicized role of the ‘beacon of democracy’. 

The protests, sparked by doubts about the fairness of the presidential election, are finally removing from the agenda the question of whether the United States can be a model of democracy and a model of public administration.

Games with public opinion, encouraged and directed by manipulations on social networks and search engines, blocking unpopular US politicians, have created an ugly society that declares its tolerance, but at the same time consists of small groups that put their uniqueness based on racial, sexual or some other identity above peace in the country and national unity, and which aggressively and cynically impose the own opinion on everyone else.  That is the very model of public relations that the United States has successfully exported to Ukraine, which naturally ended in civil conflict, loss of sovereignty, territorial integrity, record impoverishment and division in society.

The storming of the Capitol by the radical right is on a par with the recent arson of police stations and the mass looting of shops by the radical left.  All this in general testifies to the deep division in American society, to the accumulated social, racial, and economic problems.  Significantly, one in five Americans justified storming parliament, as one in three used to justify violence during ‘racial justice’ protests.

Lumpens in the assembly hall and congressmen hiding under benches – these photos, which flew around the world, even for the most incorrigible Americanophiles symbolize the loss of the United States’ moral right to impose its recipes for political and socio-economic development.  Those who carry out external management themselves need crisis management.

The ruling regime in Ukraine, brought to power with the approval of the United States, is historically doomed, understands this well, and therefore admires the ‘stability of Congress, the oldest and largest democratic institution in the world’, whose behavior would pale in shame any of the pioneers of the Americas – ancestors of current congressmen.  British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called what was happening a ‘shameful scene’.  Former US President George W. Bush drew a parallel between his country and the banana republic.

But didn’t the US try to make a ‘banana republic’ out of Ukraine when radicals seized government buildings, weapons and took part in armed clashes with law enforcement agencies in 2014, isn’t it still doing today?  At that time, both British and American politicians ‘not only expressed concern’ but also actively supported anti-government protests, thanks to which they managed to partially turn Ukraine into a ‘banana republic’.  Such a humiliating situation in Ukraine must be put an end!

The omnipotence of the radicals, nurtured and nurtured by various foundations and media funded by the most active participation of the US government, Congress, is the result of a desire to maintain global leadership built on plunder and exploitation by other countries.  Although Congress has been seized by radicals recently, given US foreign policy, it seems to have happened much earlier.

The path of external governance imposed on us by the United States and Poroshenko-Zelenskyy’s government is unacceptable to our country, leading to impoverishment of the people, civil conflicts and state catastrophe.

Only on the basis of our traditions, striving for mutual understanding and peace that does not depend on angry cries from Washington, can we build our independent, sovereign and successful Ukraine.


Viktor Medvedchuk, 

Chair of the Political Council of the Opposition Platform - For Life party

Опубликовано: 8 January 2021