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Viktor Medvedchuk: Cargo transportation from Japan to Europe bypassing our country is another incompetent step of the Ukrainian government
18 December 2020
The decision to carry out regular freight traffic on the Trans-Siberian Railway (Transsib) to Europe from January 2021 was made by the Japanese logistics giant – Hankyu Hanshin Express Global Corporation. Cargo terminals have already been booked in the ports of Japan and in Vladivostok, as well as in Poznan, Prague and Frankfurt.
Viktor Medvedchuk: De-integration with Russia and CIS countries has led to structural degradation and decrease in Ukrainian exports
27 November 2020
Since 2005, the Ukrainian leadership has taken a number of steps aimed at a serious deterioration in trade and economic relations with partner countries, laying the institutional basis for a long-term economic crisis in the country. Ukraine’s accession to the WTO, the signing of the Association Agreement on the creation of a deep and comprehensive free trade zone with the EU, Ukraine’s withdrawal from a number of agreements within the CIS – all this has led to colossal export losses and de-industrialization of the country.
Viktor Medvedchuk: Russian vaccine against coronavirus is already being shipped abroad
24 November 2020
Leaders of the 20 most economically developed countries have pledged to ensure equitable distribution of vaccines, tests and medicines against COVID-19 around the world and to do whatever is necessary to support poorer states as they struggle to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.
The empty Maidan on the day of the national holiday, the Day of Dignity and Freedom, is an objective assessment of the “orange” shock of 2004 and the unconstitutional armed seizure of power in 2014
22 November 2020
The empty Independence Square (only a few dozen people came to the Maidan) on the day of the public holiday established in honor of the Orange Revolution in 2004 and the unconstitutional armed seizure of power in 2014 is an objective and harsh assessment that the Ukrainian people have attached to these events.
Local elections demonstrated that OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE is not only the main opposition party, but also the leading party in the country
13 November 2020
The local elections clearly emphasized the tendency that emerged last year: OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE is replacing the “Servant of the People” from the position of the leading political force at the all-Ukrainian level.