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Viktor Medvedchuk: The deep financial crisis of Ukrainian enterprises has become a harsh reality
6 May 2021
Speaking about macroeconomic stabilization, the authorities focus on slowing down the fall in real GDP, some improvement in the industry situation and a number of other sectors of the economy, in order to justify their criminal inaction, lack of understanding of the ongoing processes and, most importantly, inability to get out of this failure. Most of the industries are still in deep crisis, and one can hardly talk about restoring economic growth yet.
Failure in every way, or the results of the economic policy of Ze-government over the first quarter of 2021
12 April 2021
The economic policy being implemented by the second Zelenskyy’s government in the first quarter of the current year has aggravated the already extremely difficult situation in the country. For some macroeconomic parameters, the economic decline is in place for the twentieth month in a row.
Viktor Medvedchuk: Reducing gas prices for the population as of February 1 is a cynical and deceitful manipulation by the government
14 January 2021
Trying to somehow mitigate the growing popular discontent, Zelenskyy’s government still defends the interests of the oligarchs, fulfills the IMF’s wishes, acts to please the demands of Ukraine’s external rule, and implements the same criminal course to increase tariffs.
Viktor Medvedchuk: Tariff genocide should be stopped, the government – dismissed
13 January 2021
Since January 1, 2021, the two-fold tariff cut promised by Zelenskyy has resulted in a significant increase in gas prices for the population and tariffs for other housing and communal services. It is not surprising that a wave of protests calling on an end to the tariff genocide followed.
2020 European integration turned into EU exports drop for Ukraine
11 January 2021
From January 1, 2021, a zero duty on imported wines from the European Union started to operate in Ukraine under the current Association Agreement, which will deal a severe blow to Ukrainian winemaking enterprises. This is a consequence of the implementation of the catastrophic for our country signing of the Agreement on the Free Trade Area with the EU.
Total failure of ‘American-style democracy’ legend that the United States is cynically trying to impose on the world
8 January 2021
The next wave of devastating disorders in the US Congress building, which led to the deaths of American citizens, was a natural result of the policy pursued by the US authorities in different parts of the world: the desire to impose their will, disrespect for the other side, violence as a decisive argument, the humiliation of the power of other states, the justification of radicalism. That is all that the United States resorted to, referring to its fantasy and self-publicized role of the ‘beacon of democracy’.
Viktor Medvedchuk: New round of tariff genocide by Ukrainian government threatens with social explosion
5 January 2021
From January 1, 2021, Zelenskyy’s government set new prices and tariffs for housing and communal services – a record high in the history of the country.
Oleg Voloshyn: Ukraine’s key foreign policy outcome of the year is an obvious tilt of our diplomacy towards an alliance with Turkey
4 January 2021
The system of external control of our country created by the globalist Western elites makes this not obvious to non-specialists. However, that system is tailored for internal affairs, and if we consider purely foreign policy activities, then in the conditions of America’s and the EU’s withdrawal into themselves, same as complete impasse in dialogue with Russia, it was Turkey that was able to derive the maximum benefit from Zelenskyy’s ‘omnivorousness’.
Viktor Medvedchuk: Cargo transportation from Japan to Europe bypassing our country is another incompetent step of the Ukrainian government
18 December 2020
The decision to carry out regular freight traffic on the Trans-Siberian Railway (Transsib) to Europe from January 2021 was made by the Japanese logistics giant – Hankyu Hanshin Express Global Corporation. Cargo terminals have already been booked in the ports of Japan and in Vladivostok, as well as in Poznan, Prague and Frankfurt.
Viktor Medvedchuk: De-integration with Russia and CIS countries has led to structural degradation and decrease in Ukrainian exports
27 November 2020
Since 2005, the Ukrainian leadership has taken a number of steps aimed at a serious deterioration in trade and economic relations with partner countries, laying the institutional basis for a long-term economic crisis in the country. Ukraine’s accession to the WTO, the signing of the Association Agreement on the creation of a deep and comprehensive free trade zone with the EU, Ukraine’s withdrawal from a number of agreements within the CIS – all this has led to colossal export losses and de-industrialization of the country.