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Statement of the “Opposition Platform - For Life” political party in response to the accusations from Leonid Kravchuk


Zelensky’s obedient puppets call for “harassing” Opposition Platform - For Life off Ukraine. A similar initiative was put forward by Leonid Kravchuk, who said: “...Representatives of Opposition Platform - For Life go to Moscow, meet with Putin, he gives them instructions, they come and build Russian Ukraine or Ukraine with Russian methods of governance. We need to burn it out of Ukraine, burn it out, and when we don’t have such problems, I think all issues will be resolved quickly and in an organized manner”.

These are the words of a man who built his career on “Following the general line” of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU). Now the Communist Party is no longer there, but the habit of “following the line” has remained. These are the words of a person who, since the days of the Ukrainian SSR, did not object to open reprisals against Ukrainian politicians such as Chornovol, Lukyanenko, Gluzman and others. These are the words of a man, with whose efforts Ukraine was deprived of the world’s largest merchant fleet, military weapons, nuclear potential, and through his own efforts – from a false promise to build a second France in Ukraine in 10 years – Ukraine was brought to the people’s “kravchuchka” in the hands of impoverished citizens.

The task assigned to Kravchuk is obvious: to support the government’s course of political terror, to back it up ideologically.

The “Opposition Platform - For Life” political party has repeatedly declared and demonstrated in practice with its statements and actions: it is guided exclusively by the interests of the people of Ukraine, offers real mechanisms and ways to solve the most important national problems. At the meetings held by party leaders with the political elites of any country – be it Germany, France or Russia, decisions are worked out and agreements are reached that are clearly beneficial to Ukraine. It is worth comparing the agreements reached by the leaders of our party on the production of the Sputnik V vaccine in Ukraine, the supply of cheap gas or the lifting of sanctions from Ukrainian enterprises, with the disastrous Budapest Memorandum, with the instructions received by the current government in the U.S. Embassy, ​​and the enslaving sale of sovereignty for another loan – and it becomes clear who is giving up national interests.

Just like Kravchuk gave them up before, he is giving them up today, not only completely failing the negotiations within the Trilateral Contact Group, but actively destroying the Minsk negotiating platform, the creation of which he had nothing to do with. However, destroying what he did not create is Kravchuk’s real and only talent, which was clearly manifested at every stage of his rich life path, which turned into troubles for our state.

In this regard, in our firm belief, Leonid Kravchuk no longer has the right to represent Ukraine in the Trilateral Contact Group, since his initiatives are perceived by the parties to the Minsk negotiation process as provocative, which practically leads to deadlocking the negotiation process on Donbas.

Опубликовано: 5 June 2021