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Fulfillment of Minsk Agreements is the only way to achieve peace in Ukraine

Six years ago, on February 12, 2015, at the Summit of the Heads of State and Government of the Normandy Four in Minsk, a set of measures to implement the Minsk agreements was agreed. It was signed by the Trilateral Contact Group and approved by a special UN Security Council Resolution. The implementation of these agreements was to put an end to the armed confrontation, shelling and deaths. Time goes by, the deal is not fulfilled.

During six years, our country has changed a lot. Half of Ukrainians are below the poverty line. Most social protection programs have been curtailed.  Healthcare and education have been destroyed.  National treasures, land and strategic enterprises are being sold.  The Ukrainian economy has lost its prospects and has become a backward agro-raw material appendage.  Instead of developing democracy and establishing the rule of law, Ukraine is turning to dictatorship, xenophobia and lawlessness.  This life is a consequence of conflict.  Ukrainians want a better life and opt for peace.

People voted for Zelenskyy and his party to bring peace back to Ukraine.  However, when he got elected president, he betrayed their hopes.  The government continued the losing policy of the Poroshenko regime – increasing the split in society and refusing to implement the Minsk agreements.  Millions of budget hryvnias are still dissolved in corruption schemes.  Billions go to security forces and officials.  Authorities dealt with their opponents without trial, restricting people’s rights and freedoms.  He cooperates with the radicals, and those who are convinced of their impunity attack people, beat journalists, and commit extortion and raiding.  Neither the government nor the radicals need peace – it is not beneficial to them.

OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE together with the Ukrainian people seeks peace. We support dialogue with Donetsk and Luhansk and the implementation of the Minsk agreements. Peace is the main condition for overcoming the economic crisis, improving people’s lives, restoring democracy and the rights of Ukrainian citizens.

OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE is the only political force that will ensure peace in Ukraine!

Опубликовано: 12 February 2021